Flipping ur lighting

Sry everyone I did get the words out or down on what I wanted some in put I want to flip my 12/12 so I run them at night when it’s cooler the issue. Is they are about 5 or six weeks into there flower they should be done in 2 weeks my room is getting as hit as 83 60%humity I’m afraid more of the plants getting to cold don’t have a heater

Can’t quite tell what your question is…but 83 degrees is not cold or anywhere approaching too cold for your plants. Probably a bit warm for flower…but fine I believe.
60% RH is a bit high in flower, but with your temps in the 80s you need a higher RH for a good vpd ratio.(So the plants can breathe well)
If you have good air movement, your temps and RH should be fine, I guess is what I am saying. Also, I’m a bit confused about the lighting…you are flowering at 5weeks and want to flip your lights now?

Oh I see…just keep them in darkness the extra time until night and then start your 12/12 over.

What @HammrTime said. When the lights are supposed to come on, just leave them off until whatever you want your new lights on time to be. As long as they still get no less than 12 hours of darkness there shouldn’t be any issues.

I wanted to change my schedule of lighting I wanted to put the lights on overnight and have them off all day I didn’t know if it would affect the plant because it’s already flowering is what I’m trying to ask

Always on point and can make out my gramer lol so when they go off to night in 3min don’t try them back on till tommorow 8pm

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Correct. Extra dark shouldn’t hurt them and you’ll be on a cooler schedule.

Thanks man happy smoking I know I am I’ll never run out I just harvested my autos had 4more in veg cloned them now they are vegging and will be ready to go. To flower time .so I will harvest every other month I’m going to smoke myself stupid I got nothing better to do ty again

Enjoy. I plan to do the same if I can ever get ahead. lol :metal: