Flipping To Flower


I’m on my first grow.
Multi Strain (6 Gelato, 7 Grand Daddy Black, 1 Blueberry, 1 Northern Lights)
Grown in 70/30 coco/perlite
1 Mars Hydro TSW 2000 400W LED
3 Cheap Holland Star “1800W” COB lights (probably 350W each)
1 Aglex “2000W” (actually 480w) blurple/COB combo.
In an 8x8 tent, with an auto fertigation system.
Feeding AN CoCo Connoiseur. Adjusting PH down to 6.0 (I know I’m not supposed to, but with PH of 6.8 without, my plants we’re having all kinds of issues.)
Input EC 1.5, output EC 1.1

The grow seems to be going well, but I’m worried about some burned tips that I’m seeing on just a few leaves. They’re not big right now, but I don’t want them getting worse. I’m thinking it’s light, not nutes. They seem to be thriving.

My question is should I flip or is this a big deal I should try to fix



Fix all problems before you flip


Thanks. Any insight as to what this might be? The plants that have it are otherwise healthy. Good growth, good roots.

With 1.5 ec (750 ppm) going in and 1.1 ec (550 ppm) coming out would suggest she’s hungry. Some of it is really hard to tell because of the grow lights

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I was thinking they might be hungry too. I wasn’t getting runoff on two of the plants that are burned. I Went from 3x to 4x daily and they started to runoff. The were two of the biggest plants and I thought they were maybe just drinking lots, having more roots.

I’m running a 20% runoff 4x daily.

Are burned tips common with low nutes?

Is that PH correct for coco ??? The 6.8 ??

No. It should be in the 5.7-6.2 range from everything I’ve read. But if I don’t PH down the “PH Perfect” solution it adjusts itself up to 6.7-6.8. AN says not to adjust, but I’ve had issues when don’t.

Anyways, I had some spots today that tell me it’s Mag. So I’ve added some Cal/Mag and will foliar spray w/Epsom salts. Fingers crossed…

It looks like you may have a vpd issue, which can definitely make your feedings go screwy. I don’t feel that what you’re showing is light damage, mostly because you have some showing on lower parts of canopy. That’s not typical of light damage, which is usually worst at top to nonexistent at bottom of plants.

Just a thought, but just because your ppm is relatively low you’re still feeding 4x a day.

Thanks. My VPD is right around a 9.5, at about 75 degrees with 55% humidity.

I just refilled my reservoir and upped the EC/PPM. I’ll see if that helps.

Starting to look good, but I desperately need to defoliate after Christmas. I added a 630w CMH.


Yea definitely clear out the undergrowth. Looks good keep it up.

I like burning my tips

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Thanks. Merry Christmas!