Flipped my lights... Having mild panic attack

Ok… Whelp… I said Heck it and flipped over to 12/12 today. I’m a list person so here’s why I decided today was the day and reasons why I’m panicking that I will ruin my GG and could be classified as the worst plant mom ever.

GG4 cloned 12/15/21
HLG Diablo 300 at 70% intensity
2x4x5 tent running 2 small fans 24/7
Temp: 74-80°F
RH: 62-68% with humidifier
Medium:FF Happy frog soil in 3gal plastic
Nutrient Line: Advanced Nutrients pH perfect micro, bloom, and grow (2ml with 2L water every 3rd watering) and FF CalMag (2.5ml with 2L water every 4th watering).

Why today was the day

  1. If she’s going to at least double in size, I need to flip her now or else she’ll grow into the lights. You learn a lot on your first grow and the thing I learned is I should have sprung for the 6 ft tent.
  2. She’s had between 9 and 10 weeks of veg. I’m actually not sure how that works with judging veg date when you have a clone. There’s no real seedling. Unless that’s considered the time during which the clone makes its own new root ball? She already had a beautiful root system in a 2-in pot when she was gifted to me.

Reasons I’m nervous AF

  1. What if I flipped too early and she’s not ready? I know that photos will do whatever you ask them to do but I wanted her to be strong and ready.
  2. I’ve been trying to digest as much information about the vegetation State as possible that I haven’t really done the deep dive into flowering stage. I feel like I’m walking into that part a little unsure of myself. I know I need to lower the RH, right? I’ve already had to ward off two rounds of pests and I don’t want bud rot.
  3. Should I change my nutrient lineup? Like maybe buy some of that Sugar Peak transition nutrient?
  4. How can you tell the difference between your plants having a nutrient deficiency and when they’re using up what’s in their leaves before harvest?

Pic for reference


Gg…clone…9 weeks veg. Go for it. If starts getting too tall supercrop. Tough strain. I say this because my main medical is gg cloned 2 years straight now. They can get bushy. Choose branches carefull. Thin ones will flop if no scrog or stakes. Flowers get very heavy. I personally think now is perfect time.


I would not prune at all till stretches some also.


First of all, take a couple of deep breaths and relax. Your plant looks great.
Most of the time you can flip clones soon after they take root if you wish.

Keep us posted as they transition into flower.


OMG I was not prepared for her to spread out like that once I learned how to LST and installed my SCROG. Lol. This is a picture of a branch underneath that @OGIncognito helped me realize will only suck up valuable water and nutrients and it would never have reached the top of the canopy. I would really like to keep her as a mother because I’m a weirdo and am wholeheartedly attached to my first plant and would love to take clones. I’m curious if you’ve noticed any weaknesses now that you’ve cloned the same plants for 2 years? I had heard after a while cloning begins to break down good genetics.


If you are planning on keeping this plant as a mother plant for clones you should not flip it to flower. Reduce the light level so it does not grow too fast and take cuttings for clones as they get large enough.


That is correct. I mother a plant for months at times. I have them in big pots though. When I switch them and flip they typically net a pound or close. That bottom branch…clone. every branch you pull worth it…clone. lose some oh well. The 2 strong you get starts the perpetual. You can clone a flowering plant. Just a pain returning to veg. Time. Some will go 12/12 right away on clones.


:point_up_2::point_up_2: 3 weeks after the transplant from the cloner :love_you_gesture:



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As a grow momma also, I get anxious about all of it. But hope it gets better each grow. Your plant looks awesome. I just dropped a few more seeds today. Good luck. Have fun.


Thank you! Im sure there will come a day all this will be second nature. I’m just nervous about losing my one and only plant here in anti-cannabis land.

i am in a partial anti cannabis land of ny.

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Here in TX, the Govt hates everyone and everything. :cowboy_hat_face:


I understand thats Austin Tx.

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