Flip to 12/12 transition to flower....2 lighting mistakes

hi, 5 days ago i flipped to 12/12 (light on during day) and adjusted nutes, but i made 2 mistakes:

  1. i forgot to turn on the flowering lights on my led lamp
  2. my timer quit and my veg only lighting was on for 24 hours straight

instead of leaving the light on for another 12 hours to get back on schedule, i went dark for 12 hours then resumed 12/12 with light on at night. and i turned the flowering lights on in addition to the veg.

was this a 3rd mistake…what would you have done?

my grow space is a bit crowded. i’m big on topping and LST (haven’t had much luck with fimming and super cropping). i don’t have room to make the plants wider…is it too late to trim branches? can i still trim interior growth?



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Shouldn’t be an issue.

A one-off on this won’t be an issue, particularly since it was only once and was essentially before the transition.

Good move.

No. A lot of folks trim at 21 days into flower. Plants grow quite a bit the first couple of weeks into flowering and usually need a haircut once the stretch is over.


I think you did a great job for recovery. Midwestguy covered everything. Keep’em green! :sunglasses:


Midwestguy has you covered :ok_hand:


thank you! my second year growing and i AM keeping em green. other than killing a few seeds by over heating during germination (85 degrees), i haven’t repeated rookie mistakes. success due to: less water, simplified nutes and better ventilation.

if i’m going to trim interior growth, any suggestion for cloning? i don’t have any cloning powder.

appreciate the support!


No worries, we have power outtages here routinely and it doesnt do anything, just stay on schedule and youll be fine.
Ok how bout a bud shot?

ok, that’s just showing off! what do you attribute your success to? i think insufficient lighting is my biggest weakness…my buds were no where near as big/dense as that photo.

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Thats not my bud… its a screen shot lol from another grower out east.this is my grow…

Curreny plants waiting for August

should look like this by September