Flimsy stalks on seedlings

Live on the equator in So. America…Just purchase two autoflowers as seedlings,After two days they are 7 inches tall .and still have their seed petals. and are staked because the stalks are so flimsy… One has fallen down several times and the stalk has kinked in two places,Should I bury them deeper ?? And how deep? JD

Generally, long stalks on seedlings means the light is too weak or too far away. Pictures would help.

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that amount of stretching is usually due to insufficient light…what are you using, a grow light, sun through a window?

the kinks may not be a good thing…and burying the stems that much all at once may cause other problems…bury an inch or so of stalk and continue supports.

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pictures are very difficult…It’s an outdoor grow,But I keep the seedlings out of direct sunlight for most of the day,They get indirect sun about six hours a day…

I live on the equator in So. America…My total grow is out of doors,I have 12/12 hours of sun and darkness…The seedlings get a minimum amount of direct sun… Maybe two hours per day,and the rest of the day they get good indirect sun…they are only about three weeks old…Thanks,Your help is appreciated ,

It doesn’t sound like they’re getting enough light you could bury them deeper I don’t know what else you can do besides get them in stronger sun?
good luck

if u can’t do anything about the light situation get a stick and tie them to it to help them stand up and pray for the best good luck tho

these are 2days old the joys of growing inside

They are going to do better once the light goe to more than 12 hours a day. You can plant them deeper but not too deep like they said. Stake them good and see if you can unblock the light more and don’t let them get too wet.

there are some plants that thrive on 2 hours direct sun, 10 hours indirect.
some plants grow well in a windowless rooms.

cannabis grows best in a minimum of 6-8 hours of direct sunlight, more is better.
you are seeing the effects of not enough direct sunlight.

it isn’t a houseplant, it’s more a garden vegetable (think tomato)…with less than 6-8 hours direct light, the plant grows tall and thin with very small flowers.

it will need approximately 35-40 watts LED or 50 watts HPS per square foot.

A Big Thanks ,BUT,I’m on the equator in So. America,The sun is brutal at mid day,and I get 12/12 light year around…My grows are totally outside…I learned the hard way that seedling’s do not do well here in full sun,at least the first two weeks of their lives,After that I start introducing them to more hours in the sun each day…My Moby Dick xxl has died since this morning,
The Amnesia xxl is hanging in there,and I’ll start moving it tomorrow to more sun…Both were staked and supported,But I didn’t support the Moby Dick as well as I should have,and it fell over twice…
This is the first auto flower that I have tried,all of my past grows are of a wild sativa type,and likely they are hardier…or better acclimated to the area…and I lost many seedling and clones in my early efforts…
The two that I purchased were already started from seed and were very hard to come by,Do you know if auto flowers are more delicate ?

that may be key, a strain that does well for your location.
do a search for your conditions.
the seedlings you purchased, were they meant to be grown outdoors or maybe inside with lights?
talk to the people where you buy the seedlings for something for outside?

I realize you aren’t in a desert, but maybe some info could be used.

Yes to your question as to a grow site…They said the two seedlings would do well indoors or outdoors…When I got them they are/were autoflower in a glazed one gallon flower pot…They did warn me that is I stressed [LST] them to much they would revert to their original state,and not be auto flower…I ordered two more ,one each Moby Dick xxl,and Amnesia xxl,Then one of them invited me into the back room to show me a reverted autoflower ,He said they cut the tree yesterday,meaning they made the first harvest…And expected to make two more harvests before the tree was exhausted…FYI there were two 55 gal plastic garbage bags on the floor…STUFFED FULL…he gave me four buds,roughly two ounces of trimmed undried bud,He said he expected to harvest a total of seven/eight kilos ,That Amigo is one helluva lot of bud from one plant

I don’t believe autoflowers “revert” ? …they are genetically programmed

they do get seeds in them if they’re stressed but I’m not sure what you mean by revert and a first harvest is the only harvest with autos ?

I read here on ILGM that reverting is normal,That is to return to the original type of plant that it was before being an autoflower…
Okay let me try to be clearer.I returned to the shop yesterday…The two young men in the shop where I bought the autoflower seedlings said the harvest plant “reverted” to it’s original form,which according to them was a Moby Dick xxl,In this situation the plant was huge roughly six or seven meters…I did not see the in ground plant…They further stated that the plant had been growing for five months,and that they would get two more harvests,which would a quicker harvest inasmuch that when they trimmed the buds a new flower would immediately start and grow faster …This is true by my own experience I harvested my best wild sativa five or six times this last year,There was no new growth buds…Only a “reflower”,at the harvested bud site,each yield was smaller though…