Flimsy and stretched seedlings :(

My seedlings have been growing under a t-12 light for 2 weeks. I just transferred them from my closet to a grow tent. Can someone tell me why their stems are so stretched and flimsy? Are they going to be ok??? The new light in the tent is 1500w LED . Tent is 8x4 is my setup ok???

Welcome back, Jack. lol.

It looks like they are reaching for light. Get more light on them and they won’t stretch out so much.

You can bury them up to their necks when you transplant to help mitigate the long stems.

I’m still new to this but I reckon those seedlings need a bigger pot now. I’d say they’re root bound.

It’s good to be back lol I appreciate your response tremendously! Each grow and strain are so different dammit!!! The runt of the bunch won’t stand up on her own for s* lol

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I thought about that as well but the cup is see through so I’d be able to see if she were root bound ya know?

When you say “get more light on them” you mean lower the light closer to them? It’s already a solid 24inches away from the plants

I can see roots in your second pic, pressed against the side.

You’re right! They shouldn’t be doing that?!

I’d put them in a bigger pot, buried down a bit to cover that extra stem and see how you go.

Again, I’m no expert but that’s what I would do.

Hey that’s more of a solution that what I was able to come up with so I’m taking your advice and running with it lol

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Good luck mate! Keep us updated :+1:

Thanks! Sure thing

Sorry. But just learning every everything. Do these little guys seem happy? g. Sorry for intruding. Didnt know how to post.correctly and my journal is not quite together, but getting there!

They look good !!!

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Royal Cookies first grow only with ILGM and web help.
Thanks for the looks.: )

My first time experimenting with fimming instead of topping

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That’s about where my girls are right now. Any updates?