Flies and yellowing

Question from a fellow grower:

Im Coco. Im in my thirties from Michigan been smoking for at least 10th grade with a few stops. Lived abroad and went to Amsterdam for a week. I have a few friends that grow but now Im ready.

one of my biggest problems ;

1 I see this little clear flying bug, i went to the GB and notice it wasnt those white bugs or mites so I dont know what they are. the plant doesnt have any holes in the leaves so im leaving it alone, or is this going to be problem?

2 the biggest plant has some yellow on the leaves and some spots. I noticed them today so I feed them and I watered them(I wish I could take a picture and send to you)

3 q … Is it ok to use miracle grow products on the plants?

Never use Monsanto products like miracle grow. Try cannabis specific nutrients. Fox farms etc.These are bugs from the soil. Dirt grows have more bug problems.

Others will be able to identify your little beasties…pics would help

2…yellowing leaves and brown splotches are extreme over watering

3…miracle grow NO…NO…NOT EVER!!!

newbies will avoid many headaches avoiding the super tomato grow stuff.
Best if newbie grower is the only source of nutes.

Hello from NY . I also have been to Amsterdam for 7 days during their cannibis cup in 1994 . I wish I lived there . Over watering can invite Fungus Gnats . They live in the soil and feed on fungus and roots growing in wet soil . Maybe let the soil dry out a little before the next watering . I use a product called Gnat Nix and sticky fly tape .

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