Flawless finish or no flawless finish?

Anyone use the flawless finish flush?? Opinions on it? I have been using bud candy from AN also, i use bud candy through out veg and bloom at every watering.

I guess no one has tried flawless finish flush???

I’ve never used it, but if it’s just a flushing agent like Sledgehammer it works really well. It just helps the flushing process and you also don’t have to use as much water.

Thanks. Its suppose to enhance flavor, smell and potency.

Hmm, then maybe it’s not a flushing agent. Sounds more like ChaChing which is what I use as a finisher. They work to enhance the terpenes.

Looking at flawless finish ingredients it looks like epsom salts in liquid form.

It is called a flushing and clearing agent.

my hydro store owner recommended it, said its what he uses

Oh, ok, so I was right the first time. I always use a flushing agent when I flush, just not this brand.

Here is ingredients

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Yeah that’s just Epsom salt. Even says it on the ingredients. Magnesium sulfate.