Flavoring your grow


I’m not sure if this is the right place for this but I found an intersting post from another web site.

"…If you want to try this experiment at home with a flowering plant, simply cut a side branch with a bud and a few leaves on it that’s ready for harvest, and put it in a dilute solution of vanilla extract in purified water. Even if the stem is cut, the process of transpiration still occurs. Water evaporates off the surface and underbelly of the leaves, which creates a back pressure, pulling xylem through the veins of the branch, then the stem, then the branch, and eventually pulls up your vanilla solution.

After about a week, the entire cutting should be saturated with this solution, so take it out and cure as you would a normal bud. Keep track of it among the rest of the buds, and smoke a bowl to see if you notice a difference"…

Has anyone experimented with this? If so what flavors have you used?



I have not heard of doing this and would only say try it and let us know if it works @Fairieswear8oots lol
Fyi I moved you thread from beginners area not really sure where this fits in so i put it in indoors / harvest ? Area since it would be at harvest time


Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971.
You bet I will! I am going to try it with my 1st and current grow. Its had a rough life and definitely not had a chance (due to lack of knowledge) to grow to its potential. Sooooo why not. Once I harvest, should be in another week or two, I’ll try with half :+1:


That’s very interesting! Let me know what you think if you try it!


Nice :+1: definitely keep me posted @Fairieswear8oots maybe try with a little less just in case :wink:


That was an interesting read. Thanks for posting that. If you try it make sure to let us know what it taste like or smells like. That’s a cool idea :+1:


I think I’m going to try this on my current grow. I love vanilla! :heart_eyes:


Please tag me if you do! @raustin


Absolutely, @Fairieswear8oots. I’ll let everyone know how it turns out.



you’d never be able to get @raustin not to tell hahahhaha she loves telling :wink:
Shoot she told me to start my first journal lol :smirk:


Consider this, the article was written in 2015. If it worked, why wouldn’t it be a “thing”? IF it worked, lots of people would be talking about it🤔
Maybe @Countryboyjvd1971 has a point when he suggests, just try it on a little bit👍


Did I tell you to start a journal? Lol, I don’t remember, but it sure sounds like me. :rofl:


Absolutely hun lol and im happy you did @raustin :wink:


I tried to color my buds once by adding food coloring to the water. Was a total bust


And Vanilla goes great with Chocolate-lope. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Personally, I like to bump the sulfur just a hair (H2So4) toward the end, it really boosts the flavor in ways I like! I’m too critical of my plants to try any outside flavors not related to turps and resin!

I don’t drink flavored coffee for the same reason, I like the taste of coffee!


How do you bump the sulfur and can you do that with Hydro


I use human grade phosphoric acid for pH maintenance and P replenishment then switch to sulfuric acid at the end when P no longer needs replenishment.

For outdoors I like to use a paint brush to dust the trunks with sulfur powder to prevent disease like stem rot. Microbial decomposition is the only way sulfur powder becomes available to the plant. The acid form is absorbed.