Flavor compromised when using rockwool?

I’m going automated and thinking of throwing emitters in cubes. But one thing that a grow shop owner said to me was that flavor is compromised when growing in rockwool. I need some veteran advice please.

I’m running 4 scorpions at start. Quickly I’ll be adding a couple more at least. Gonna be running quest 165, titan co2 controller, split unit, looking thru different environmental controls at the moment. Excited about finishing this build


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I call BS, I don’t consider my self a vet but I been around the block a couple times.
I see absolutely no mechanism for this to be scientifically possible. Growing in any inert medium such as rockwool, coco coir, straight perlite, ext… is just hydroponics.

Again I am not an expert, but im fairly confident in my understanding…


Was kinda wondering

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Man sounds like you got a nice setup going.
If you haven’t looked into them yet, that is if you’re interested in automation…
Check-out autopots, i just recently switch and I will not be growing any other way moving forward…

Ive not seen anyone try them and not absolutely love them…