Flat or semi gloss paint?


Any advice on what type of paint to use on the walls for my grow room? White flat or white semi gloss is better? I would assume that a white semi gloss would be better to reflect more light? Any suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks.


Flat white


I actually think flat white is better than semi gloss. But don’t quote me lol


Do you know what happens when we assume?

Use flat white only


FLAT…trust me I’ve I was a house painter for 32 years. Use flat


Thanks. Will buy flat today. Just curious, does the flat reflect light better than semi?


Yes. Gloss and semi-gloss absorb the light for whatever reason but flat white reflects it almost as good as mylar :thumbsup:


Semi gloss or gloss traps light as heat.
There is a clear or transparent layer in all gloss paints and the light will need to enter this layer bounce off the white surface underneath and pass back through clear layer so this retains a % of the light as heat twice.
Same thing with a mirror to a point.
Flat paint is as good as most reflective films on the market as @Paranorman said.
Use an anti fungal wet area paint, That way bad things will not setup shop in your paint jumping on your plant at the end of flower.


@ktreez420 says " I actually think flat white is better than semi gloss" :joy::joy:


Lol I said NOT TO quote me, damn it! But I was right in the end haha