Fiz's Second Grow - LSD Auto triplets

Glad to hear you’re doing better!


Thank you!


Awesome. She’ll do great - as long as she’s looking chipper, she’ll be ready for flower. :v: Glad you’re doing better.


Thanks! She seems to be happier being alone in the tent, she’s had all her excess bushiness cleared out by my carelessness, and she’s looking better than she ever has.

Hubby wants me on outdoor cleanup today, and my houseplants are going crazy for a repotting. Now I have a way to use up the rest of that coco/soil mix and get it out of the grow room.

Let’s see how ambitious I actually get today.


So Sally continues to grow well, she’s back to healthy growth and has about 10 potential bud sites. So I flipped her today, and this time I think I got the clock straight. 4PM on, 4AM off. Should help keep things comfortable. I will have to change the lights when she wakes up back to proper dli for 12 hours.


Couple of shots of Sally today. She is at the point of making her own weather, haven’t had to fill the humidifier in two days. She is holding nicely at 47% RH, Temps in the low 80s overnight, 70s during the day.


Sally looks happy. Beautiful new growth!


Thanks, I hope I can keep it this way. At least I can now check on her temp and humidity 100 times a day if I want. Getting my good TDS pen helped me get her straightened out, and the bugs are mostly at bay. Can’t say resolved because you let down for a minute, they reappear.

Insects will take over the earth, eventually. Planet of the Apes had it all wrong.


Late night pic. 9 hours into her light cycle. I dusted her with DE after.


Boney Odie has arrived…


Sally looks great!

Boney Odie! :rofl: Love it! Has Fleshy Odie warmed up to Boney?


Thanks! Yeah, let’s see if I can finally make something of her. She’s gotten pretty easy, I haven’t filled the humidifier since Monday. I look in on her once a day, and am watering/feeding her in the tent. She looks like a snowfall now, I really superdusted her after seeing a few more hitchhikers waving at me.

Odie was totally not impressed with Boney Odie, who is actual chihuahua size. I can’t hardly wait to get out Boney Willow, which is going to give him a fit.

I still have Mr Bones riding around in my passenger seat. :wink:


Man, those bugs! Sorry. Glad to hear that all else is doing well with her.

Is Boney Willow at/near Greyhound size?

:joy: :+1: Good for you! :skull:


Boney Willow is full greyhound size.

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thats awesome

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Thanks! Can’t wait till I get everything figured out and set up.


Spent the day at my mom’s house - both granddaughters were in the house, and my sister too. My 4 month old granddaughter was SITTING UP by herself today. Everyone, including her momma and daddy were astonished. So much fun!

Came home, and my electric grinder was in so I decarbed 14 g of mixed Jiggly and Pokey, and I was able to grind it into a powder, SO much easier to fill the capsules! I ended up making around 60 capsules, which should hold him for a while.

I already loved my decarb/infusion system, now I love my electric grinder. I’m still going to manually grind what I smoke, because I want to catch kief - which the electric one doesn’t do.

I’ve used a few of the capsules myself (I mean why not, I make the darn things!) and I found one drawback - I get weed burps. It’s not quite as bad as fish oil burps but still not great.

Oh well, every cloud blah blah blah.


:smiley: :partying_face:

Cool on the electric grinder. Is it like an herb/coffee grinder?

Weed burps … :smile:

Earlier, I had trichome tongue. Someone’s gotta eat finger hash! (Trim day!) AS WELL, not a complaint, though, and am enjoying the buzz. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yes it is, and they nod and wink to the herb grinding capability. I wanted to be able to grind it to powder so I could put it in capsules easily. It took about 25 seconds, I was thrilled. It handled 14 g no problem, and could do more, maybe 1/2 oz? But what I decarbed was enough for 58 capsules and likely there’s a bit more in each due to powder vs regular grind.

I ate a touch of the decarb that was left over, oh yuck. Had to try it once. Also took a capsule and it’s kicking in right about now. Heavy body effect. :face_with_spiral_eyes: :grin:


Good lord - it could do one oz, not 1/2.

I’m going to blame the capsule for that one.