Fiz's Second Grow - LSD Auto triplets

Ok, so last night I made the capsules. The first time I did it was right after Sally the Space Queen got chopped and dried, and I made 120 capsules, enough to last for a couple of months. So the rest of her has been chilling in the Grove bags all this time. I got one out and opened it…

And I nearly croaked, the scent was killing me! I remember when @duhneese said she was growing a plant that stunk, and I was like oh, really?

I could barely stand to put the capsules up though I’ll admit post decarb the scent wasn’t as noxious. Did 92 capsules, still a good supply.

Mind you the weed didn’t smell bad as in rotten or moldy or anything, it’s just the fragrance of that strain that I find to be totally gross. I don’t even want to smoke any!

Though knowing me, I probably will just for the heck of it.


If I’d have known in advance, I would have named her Rafflesia.


I’ve heard of others having bad nostril experiences with certain strains. There’s a strain called “Cat Piss” and there’s a pheno that smells just like ammonia. :nauseated_face:


:joy: Yeah, ya gotta! Then get back to us with a choke, I mean, a smoke report. There’s a thread going on here, something about the weird-tasting strain or something. Maybe Sally will get a mention, haha.


Well at least with a strain named Cat Piss you are pretty well forewarned.

With Space Queen, you think it’s going to smell like unicorn farts, and instead it smells like the inside of a spaceship after a mission.


Here’s the thread I mentioned:

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Yeah, I came thisclose and opted for some Slowpoke instead. So test will have to wait until tomorrow, I want to start off with a clear head.

I don’t even want to put this in my grinder, I’m going to have to dig out my smaller, emergency grinder. Of course the electric grinder is totally contaminated with the stench, should have taken some out to try last night.

Oh well.


Yeah, that is a bummer, same with having to prep her for edibles and such. Hopefully she smokes with a normal-ish scent and taste.


This was me with Alpujarreña - also known as 100 year old bleu cheese - I couldn’t handle the smell and had grown 2 staggered. When the first one hit flower, I strongly considered axing the second one so I didn’t have to tolerate it any longer than necessary. If I’m honest, that was probably the beginning of the plant neglect for me. I went several days without opening that tent and when I did, it was long enough to water them and get the hell out.

Turns out it was among the best smoke I’ve grown to date, and no one else thought it smelled like rotten cheese death. Just me. Weird how we all have different scent receptors, isn’t it?


Yes it is, and I’ve never had this reaction to a bag of weed before, not in nearly 50 years of smoking.

Today’s the day though, let’s see what I think. I’ll put it in the bong though, no way I want to get that full flavor thing that the vape provides.


Finally: I still don’t like the way she smells, but burning weed pretty much all smells the same. I did get a taste of her, which matches her smell.

That’s the complaining over - the high is nice and dreamy. More suited to listening to spacey music than watching NFL, but we’ll survive. Also, she has the rock hard nugs that have been eluding me. No wonder my grinder had a bit of trouble with a full load.


Who dat call my name lol! Yeah… It still stinks although not as bad. I used the grove bags a few weeks, never smelled any better, I was hoping with curing time, it would get a little milder, nope, didn’t happen. So I went old school and put it in mason jars and continued curing, opening and burping everyday.

Gradually it got a little better but still made me a little sick. So I just decided rather than trash it, I put it with the Bruce Banner I have. I basically put it in a coffee grinder together at about a 2:1 ratio and it smokes fine and doesn’t taste bad. And works just fine lol.

I just got started with a couple more of the lsd autos just to kill time until I start the Bruce Banners this spring. I can’t even remember now which one has the bad smell lol. But that’s why I mix it up in the grinder. It even looks darker, almost like it’s already been smoked! It’s just really strange.

Anyway, I tried to tag you in my new journal but alas, I’m too old and braindead to get it right. I’m back at it though, let’s see how it goes this time around.


I’ll find it - see what’s going on over there.

I only smoked a wee bit of the stinkweed, it’s actually quite good but peeeeee yew!!!


@Fiz Check out a new ILGM contest for prettiest flower. Any breeder and strain is welcome and it’s even cool to say the strain, so you could enter one of your glueberries. :grinning:

At least it’s good weed! Bummer about the stench, though!


Oh wow, thanks! Now I’ll have to go through my 1000+ pictures to pick the prettiest off Psy or Jiggly. Those super dark purple buds were really pretty imo.


:+1: :100:

I haven’t kept up on the forum much today, but I “think” that the pic needs to have been in a journal post … I’m not sure. I am sure, and it’s clear, that the plant needs to have been documented in an ILGM journal (which you did), but again I’m not sure if the pic can be one that didn’t make it into a journal, i.e. if the pic needs to have already been posted in a journal? @MattyBear


Oh I have a zillion photos of my purple girls on the journal I’m sure. Looking through my phone I have so many it’s almost embarrassing. I’ll go look back now that I have the time frame correct.


Just as long as the plant is documented here and we can all tell it’s from that plant


Cool, thanks! @MattyBear

Fiz, so you have options, LOTS of options. :joy:

Besides me feeling lazy yesterday, stressed, and short on time/patience, I just copied a pic of Rosie that I liked from my journal. Done. I also take lots of pics, not quite as many as I used to … hmmm, no, I probably still do :sweat_smile: , but I didn’t want to go back to look and look and look. :rofl:

Well, thanks @MattyBear , awesome contest to get lots of folks active, and there’s going to be massive, fun competition! Will there be 2nd and 3rd places? If you’ve already answered that, I’ll just go get caught up. :wink:


We will be able to tell based off votes, but only one winner. I am going to start running some fun contests randomly :wink: