Fiz's Second Grow - LSD Auto triplets

Welp, I just trimmed Claudette. I overdried her to boot, I did not expect that. Unfortunately, my smart ass prediction of her finished weight was wrong - I’m going in the wrong direction with 52g. Oh well, it’s pretty purple weed and I have plenty of trim left to cook up plus a nice pile of kief which is a pretty color also.

Shirley is obviously going to do better that THAT.


After looking at the pictures, I trimmed that top bud better.


All righty then! I’m very happy with my test bud of GSCE! Obviously no smell to speak of, but went down nicely in the bong. I think the high is a bit more “clear headed” than the LSD but frankly, that’s better for when I’m trying to remember what I did two minutes ago, if you know what I mean.

Humidity issues have straightened out in the bags, so they are tucked away in a cooler room for a bit.

I am actually hopeful that JP is feeling a bit better. I hope so, her flowers are so pretty.


If you find some weed that helps you actually remember, let me know. I need that strain reduced down to a concentrate and set on an IV drip. :joy:


There’s a breeding goal if ever I heard one…

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Had to feed everyone so wth, picture time

Here’s Jiggly. Freckled all over but she is going to make it.

Slowpoke, the amazing self training plant.

Pretty Psyduck. Small - surprise! But she’s my best trained girlie.

Soon, Shirley - few more days!


Love the colors :heart_eyes: :star_struck:
You grow awesome plants :potted_plant: :grinning:


Thank you! I love just looking at them, the colors this grow are amazing.


Glad to hear the smoke was good!! Ladies looking gorgeous as always!! Definitely been a fun run to watch thank you :pray:


Why thank you so much! This staggered grow makes it even more interesting.


Had a question? I’m in a living soil for my GSCE auto and she’s in flower now was wondering if there’s anything I should add during this stage being that I’m already running in a somewhat hot mix???

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I know you didn’t ask me, but I started giving my GSCE light nutes when she got serious about flowering. Might not be a bad idea to check your PPMS and see where you are though before adding anything, and as always look at the plant and see if it’s happy.

She’s the last two pictures I posted, she’s in harvest window but I’m waiting until next week to chop her.

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The last two pics are your GSCE auto? Looks amazing and no worries I welcome any and all advice I can get/very new to this so just trying to pick it all up as I go. Here’s my GSCE at 5 weeks

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How’s she looking???


She looks perfectly healthy and in early flower. She’s going to stretch some still - I know Shirley (I name mine - she’s the GSCE) looks gigantic, but she’s 25 inches tall. She has a lot of nice dense colas on her, and I did a bud test and the smoke is very nice.

I wouldn’t worry too much about nutes at this point, she looks perfect as is at the moment.


K thank u for all your help


Did u do any Lst or anything to your girl? Yeah we name ours as well lol my wife named that one izzy

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I did try, but it was one of my earliest attempts (this is my second grow) and I wasn’t “firm” enough with her, hence the one really tall cola!

If you look through the past photo set, my Psyduck is much better trained. Practice, practice, just like anything else. :wink:

Yeah I got some slight Lst going on my girl now just wasn’t sure if it was enough or too much???

And it’s a good idea to keep an “emergency repair kit” in your grow room.
I keep these items in mine : Garden wire, teflon tape, masking tape, aloes/honey and a few stakes.
That way if anything happens to your plant when you train her, you’ll have everything handy to maximize your chance of success…

And don’t forget, those babies are really tough and resilient! :peace_symbol: