Fixing to go to 12 and 12,with 3 gsc,s should I scrog or is it to late

Hi Im fixing to put 3 Gsc in tent on 12,12 cycle, was wondering if I should try to put a 3x3 netting above them go support or would it b better to just tie over some of taller branches. Looking for some advise never arrived b4?

Never scrogged b4 should say

Scrogging is training done while vegging and finishing up during the flower stretch. You could definitely throw a net up for support later and it will help you to train while they go through their stretch if the branches haven’t hardened off too much.

K,thanks for the quick response, haven’t put them in 12x12 cycle yet, fixing to tomorrow, have any idea how far above plants I should put net

One of the 3 is a little taller, maybe 4,5inches above it and just let some of the plant grow through, or put it right above the tallest 1.Im still a little confused on the scrog, I did buy a 3x3 net thought I, d use.

Will they Harden in veggie stage because they about 7 weeks old. I know they stretch when you change light, is that right?

Depends on the plant when they harden. My maui hardened off before flipping. The other one I have going is still bendy mid flower.

Depending on strain they can double and even triple in size during the stretch.

Here is an example of the day the lights flipped and after she stopped stretching.

K,I see what you mean, so it’s basically by feel if you can bend them very much;? If there stiff then shouldn’t force them too much, is that right? Appreciate you taking time to answer man, @Bobbydigital

Correct. That’s how you end up snapping branches. One way I can tell is if I pull one branch and the whole plant moves.

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Peace brother!

Hey@Bobby,Digital ,Got them 3 girls in my tent, just kinda hung that tressill,on r adjustable hooks, got it laying on plants starting training, I think I may be getting it finally, just let them do there thing, and train them along the way!,I’m always trying to perfect everything right away when I learn something, can I hit you up if I have any questions with this grow?

There 3 gsc, in 4x4 tent, 2 260w rspecs lights, good ventilation, of soil so think, I’m good for now, Shooting for Lb, think it’s possible.

@Bobbydigital,Still can’t hardly take a picture .lol