Fixed last issue now I have a new one?

So I posted on here before and found it was a nitrogen toxicity from making bad moves. I flushed the plants and they seemed to love it. After that I added four tbsp of Dr.Earth flower girl and they seemed to love that as well. I also tested water run off and found it was about 5.6PH. I PHD my water the next time to 7.2 and the next time to 7.4, my run off was now at 6.2ish. Other then that I haven’t changed anything. Or added any additional nutrients but the leaves look very strange. Almost very light with a dark vein, I mainly PHD the water higher because I noticed the tips starting to burn. I have 5 plants total and all of the bottom fan leaves are starting to yellow now, pretty quick i would say. Any advice?

Here is a picture of all of the plants. The one I am most worried about is the back left one.

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Very nice ! I would follow up an check PPM runoff. And feed accordingly. Looking at the buds little early in flowering stage for the plants to be consuming itself you may need to bump up a little NPK to get them to the finish line. Keep up the good work.

They look hungry to me. What is your ppm at run off? Have you tested that?

Dry nutrients do take longer to work may take a few watering’s