Fist time/Outdoor/ Was Given plant. Advice?

Was given this plant. Started last week of June i was told, so roughly 6 wks old? Location:Canada East coast Strain : Purple Power, organic potting soil(Tomatoes), in a cloth 7 gallon pot. City water Ph roughly 7.5, evaporate chlorine usually. Outdoor temps have been avg 25-30 C(75-85F), Rel Humidity 50-75%. Looking for any advice. Wondering if the plant looks on schedule? What stage of growth, male female? etc etc…any help would be appreciated


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Guess ill figure it out myself…

First off, welcome to ILGM. Sorry that sometimes responses are slow.
The plant looks good and healthy. Showing some signs of pre flower I think I see some pistils forming but still too early to tell with certainty.
They like a lot of sunlight, as much as possible, and they like the soil to get dry between Waterings.
More than what’s on the surface, down in the soil.
Your water PH seems a little high, I’ll let someone else advise you on that.
Good luck with this grow, keep posting updates.

I’m no expert but she looks to be healthy and happy and still in the Veg state ( no sign off balls so I think your good). How many hours of sun is she getting ?

I would recommend lowering the PH to somewhere around 6.5 ish for better nutrient uptake.

She looks fine though no worries

Seems like many are starting to see their outdoor grows starting to flower. So far this week 4 of 5 of my plants started flowering and by the end of the week I bet the 5th one will be flowering.

Your plants are certainly mature enough to start flowering so keep checking. Male plants are really easy to spot and tend to grow faster and show sex parts sooner.