Fist Time Grower Anxiety Is it Male

Sorry I haven’t updated for a while. I chopped down the plant and hung it to save the seeds and process the leaves. I deep cleaned the room as well per the advice of the senior growers. My peppers and tomatoes are also looking better now.

God only gave me the one mug. I need this to live. The peppers and tomatoes can come along too. lol.

RIP male plant. Chopped and cured 5 days ago.

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Excuse me if i have read this wrong … you chopped down the male plant to save the seeds? Or did it pollinate a female n that grew seeds?

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The male is chopped down. It is dead. Gone. It had ceased to exist. The leaves I made into powder and drink as a tea. The seeds… meh.

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Glad to hear you used it … many people waste it
By chucking it out :+1:t4:

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No sir.
I stand by my waste not motto.

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Family I just made the best Colaneri discovery ever. After grinding up the super silver haze mail plant I used it as a garnish on my pizza! It taste amazing!!!


Trimmed for week 2 flower:
It’s official, I have no clue what I am doing. My Laymans knowledge of cannabis tells me this, and please I can take the criticism because I want the best buds possible!

Trim the leaves at the bottom of the branch because the nutrients needs to focus towards the flower towards the tips during week 2-4 if Flowering.

12 on 12 off (complete darkness)
It just seems like one of the plants hardly has any leaves!

I went through the same feelings when I was in cosmetology school. I overthink it way too much. We are all adults here, and I am here to learn definitely. Let me know what y’all think friends.


You stripedd her naked. She will bounce back no problem…


The leafs are your solar panel. Most of the energy is gathered trough photosynthesis… I never clip the lower leafs but i do clip budsites an shoots. Nutrients are stored in the leaf and released if needed elsewhere…(yellowing of lower fan leafs during flower)
To cut off leafs is a act of balance taking away the old and little productivity leafs to make enough space that the light can penetrate further into the plant.
if they cast a shadow over more than 2 budsites take it if not leave it.
Id say a good trim gives you alot of cut off but the plant doesn’t looke much diffrent. Thats what im aiming for when i give them a new haircut

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Omg! Thank you so much for that information! I have seen pictures of people that strip the leaves all the way to the bud site. I am assuming these are more experienced growers that actually know what they are doing. I am also realizing this is most likely further down the blossoming stage.

Your help is most appreciated!


That’s just what I did to my SexBud that turned out to be a ball bearing boy!!! Lastnight I turned off the fans in my grow room, lit a couple of candles, played a bit of Barry White and presented my early in flowering Night Terror and Pineapple Crack with a ziploc baggy full of SexBud pollen. I marked the branches I violated. Hopefully these ladies are in the family way now. :grin: