Fist attempt at LST

3 week old bubba kush auto. First time trying any LST. Does this look ok for my first time?


Looks great just space the limbs out so you can get good air flow and let her do her thang​:money_mouth_face::muscle::100:

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Lookin’ good to me. :v:

Looks better than every time I do it :rofl:

You have done a great job :clap:

Looking good dude. Heres a before and after of LST on my G13 autos… ( in the front ) and a pic a week later…

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A couple of things.
Easy does it now that it is flowering.
I would release the bottom branches. Keeping them tied down so low is defeating the purpose of LST. Tying them down at this point slows their growth. Now you want them to catch up to the upper flower sites. You can tie them to the sides of the bag in a couple of days to keep them spread out but now you want them to grow upward.


Great advice @beardless :muscle::100:

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Thanks. Sharing stuff Arrow helped me with.

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After a few days

Did you top these? They look so perfectly even

Nailed it with garden spikes.