Fish water benefits?

Anybody use the water from their freshwater fish tank after water changes for anything beneficial ??

If so, what benefits ?

Maybe wrong section… sorry!


It’s not quite the wrong section but there is an entire aquaponics section about growing with fish , you have to really know what your doing though since it’s basically hydroponic hard mode

Not so much fish water but I did use my ducks pond water on the days I changed the water and my plants thrived

I use it for a tea. My tank runs at a high pH so I needed to adjust that, but otherwise it’s fine to use. Others have used it as well, that’s why I started.
Gotta get the crap off the bottom.

I’m using my aquarium as my only source of water for my plants. It works pretty good and I’ve been doing it for long time. When it’s time to vacuum between the rocks it provides a great source of nitrogen.