Fish trough is it a good water and nutrient source

My frienf has a trough he raises fish,and turtles and what have you I’ll send pics.
Is this a good wayet supply?
If so what can i use it for nute wise?
Would i need anything else?
All organic and fish shit and what have you in the filter.

Plus a couple white widow pics im getting ready to harvest


I think it would be but looping in @noddykitty1 for all the caveats around fish shit.
Nice plants btw!


Im sure it could work. @Mrcrabs used to be my organic guy but he’s not around as much. I believe he has an older thread about tryna grow with fishes.

My only thing would be its impossible to know what you are using. And in what amounts. And I prefer more control over less… maybe take a clone and give it a go.

Can u check the numbers on it? PH and ppm wise… would be good to have a baseline of that at the least

Sidenote: I think it would make a good source of N if nothing else

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That’s why I linked in Nods…he is an aquarium guy and I’m pretty sure I read something by him on using aquarium water.

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I mean its kind of like pond water right?
Think i can do almost an entire grow on whats in tbe water?
Microbes nutrients whatnot in the fish waste too.
Hell just the water maybe epsom salt molasses banana peels and i could run an entire successful grow cycle like this right?

Id need a testing with the actual NPK values and whatever else is in there before I could comfortably say Yay or Nay.

Techinically u could go an entire grow cycle with no nutrients. The plant would cannibalize itself to basically no yield. But ive seen those kinds of plants flower (airey wispy buds as well).

This is a cut reply from another thread. I was answering another similar question. I love aquarium waste. The only thing to say about the turtle waste is don’t get it on the leaves and buds. Turtle waste is incredibly loaded with salmonella. You won’t pass biological testing ( who’s testing at home anyway, but u get the point) if turtle water hits the flowers.

You are preaching the gospel my friend. I could not agree w you more. Just like tap water you have to know what ph you are starting with.

Soft and neutral aquariums are excellent sources of nutrients and microbes. Fish waste is broken down by the bacteria into its most plant available form. The water is “living water”
Or else your aquariums is not successful. It rivals compost tea for rotifers and Protozoa populations. If you squeeze out your dirty filter media in tank water(bucket) it is a cornucopia of trace elements, bacteria, microfauna, micro algaes, and plant available N & P. The only thing it’s lacking is K. If you run activated charcoal in your filter it is loaded char once it is spent. It’s an excellent amendment. I do custom aquariums when I am not in the garden. I always run the 200ft hose out my client’s gardens if the fish are right biome. And I squeeze out the filter debris in a bucket for their houseplants or pots to pour while I’m there. Once I have convinced them, the next visit they are standing there with their own bucket and a smile saying more please my plants loved it.

The only bad thing is it doesn’t keep at all. 6 to 8 hours after it sits in a bucket it goes anaerobic as all the microbes die off. Lots of hydrogen sulfide is produced and the water starts to smell really bad. Otherwise those fertilizer companies would be in trouble.

You are throwing golden nuggets down the drain if you garden and have a fish tank you aren’t using on your plants. In my humble opinion.


Turtles also make a lot more waste than fish. I would do a quick tds measurement to it to make sure it isn’t like 2400 or something high that would burn the plants. If so you will have to cut it down to 1000- 120oor so.

Fish water will be fine.


So pH the water.
Compensate for k
Do not let turtle waste hit leaves or plants.
Best bet be to make a tea out of it for trace elements and microbes in the medium.
How about I use:
Epsom salt
Along with turtle and fish waste I can make a tea.
Also have recharge and cal-mag+.
I am trying to stay quote unquote organic.
But make tea use fast for it goes anaerobic
Now this would be slow release right
And would i ph the tea if so?

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I wouldnt pH the tea unless its 4 or lower. Microbes do the heavy lifting for pH in my experience… n pH balancers are said to be harmful to the herd

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Ok so the microbes break the tea down and assist plant uptake which keeps ph balanced as nature intended.
Oh yeah and mammoth p.
Give it the tea how often and should i mix any other organics or any of my synthetics?
It will be a slow breakdown of about 2 weeks?

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Oh yeah add mammoth p to the tea and scratch in recharge

Im not sure how often as the extra guanos (are they even guanos lol). Im not sure how readily available or strong they would be. Try to aim for once a week for now. If she burns, dilute and go for every 2 weeks or so with straight water in between. If she loves it, once a week it is.

I always add recharge and tribus together into the water with everything. On super heavy nute days, ill do microbes only water before and after adding nutes.

There’s an entire grow style called aquaponics based on using fish waist. @Donaldj headed the section here about it.

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