Fish shit any reviews

Why are you thinking you need it for some reason ? You don’t! It’s other options to get trichome production that’s not money costly. Milk is one and it’s a natural pesticide for gnayes and mites they cannot breath the milk , they explode the larvae which is a 2/1 in my book and it helps increase your harvest by 30% in bud weight and trichome production , 1/4 of a cup per gallon , it’s a measurement for even powder milk and a foliar spray , I never sprayed my plants with the mix , only feed but it works and milk cost what $10 a gallon and you can still used it if it expires which is best for some reason. But the most horrible stinkiest stuff is idea are I’d not best for plants ; I mean come on Cow and Chicken shit , Horse Piss , Cat Piss :rofl:, like that’s gross you think in itself , but give it to your plants or the micronutrients in the soil and see how big and crazy your harvest becomes , but man that grow room will be one stink funky ass room , shewwwwy horrible, sour ! Now one of my greatest harvest of all time was from an ebb flow system from a fish aquarium to my plants reservoir , base ball bats size buds and I never had to ph the water , I kind of want to build one from a 55 gallon drum :drum: that catches rain water from the gutters that would be filtered through a canister filter for the plants 🪴, but I can already hear my wife scream , I have not finished her shit but the plants come first . She don’t smoke obviously right , but never like me spending money , yeah go figure !
Those are choices , it’s other cheaper allergies if not natural things you can do to enhance those characteristics your aiming for in your plants. Read on how the plant produces what you wanting more of , which I can answer that , Stronger Lights is the answer to all the nutrients you think you need to buy , those additives helps when lights are not as intense are powerful and adding those nutrients can help the plant still produce those characteristics in low light stealth growing environments . But light power is the truck to it all , the stronger your lights are , the better your plants will feed and used nutrients , it’s un the lights .


I have 4x7x8 room scorp diablo and a 260xl and 3x hlg 30uva bars. Put reflective wrap on the walls that were or are still white under the wrap lol. Seems to reflect more with the wrap over the white to me. White i think might have looked brighter idk i think wrap looks a lottle nicer tho wonder if thats why humidity changed so much on me from beginning. Could not get hunidity past 45 to 55. Now i have trouble keeping it under 60 in flower it sux

@Mark0427 you ate not moving your lights up and down with the plants growth . You letting the plants grow into the lights maybe I’d so with that kind if white light power from HLG boards you need lots of stretching space are a trellis in a control tent. Bright white light creates foliage like crazy, blue light is your resin and red light blooms , HLG boards are crazy sick powerful lights hands down it’s a great brand but without training the stretch you will always have light burn :fire:, bleaching , are heat stress from foliage being to close and lights so intense they are constantly beaming in the same leaves , how often are you rotating , since you are seeing canoeing at 12.5 " you say , I’ll go to 18-24 , maybe 28-32-36 inches but control the stretch from the plant by any means necessary, especially with hybrid sativa dominant strains, they will stretch normally.
Now far as humidity if you want to lower you humidity lower your lights , you want to raised your humidity lower your lights if this is incorrect reverse it , hell I smoke and read :books: at least a book a day , very boring dude that loves informative information .

One or the other should be fine. They share a lot of the same stuff.

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