Fish shit any reviews

Has anyone used fish shit? If so how was it?


@yoshi I believe uses it in his grow method…been thinkin bout trying it myself

I give a inoculation to my organic autos you tell me lol(that’s 5 plants)


I used it this grow and I can’t stay on top of the growth. 2 want all of the light. I hammered them and the just kept growing into my lights.

2 Zkittlez and 2 Gorilla Glue, all autos.

The roots are ripping thru my bags now.

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@JamJam I’m trying to stack up a few ounces so I plan on a few autos outdoors while I figure out my light decision.

My plants and roots are loving the fish shit


@yoshi right on man I’m sure you can handle whatever you want to try! Lol…tell ya what these autos have been quite an interesting learning experience…

@JamJam , thanks a lot I think my order is being processed , so hopefully in about 2 weeks I should have my in between autos , which would be a curing clock for me as well , hopefully I can stack up my 3 jars for my personal medicinal used .

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I’d like to use it also in my outdoor grow, but have held off - we have a couple of stray cats that pass through our yard and I suspect smelly fishshit might send them digging. Once I get some, think I’ll put a little in a pot with some dirt and see if it gets disturbed. Back when I fished a lot, we used to through a fish carcass on the bottom of a hole that some veggie was being planted in. Worked a treat but attracted some critters occasionally.

Does fish shit do anything to the soils ph? Currently dealing with tad high alkaline levels & a bottle of this just came in, was contemplating adding this until my problem is fixed

Not really personally I only give them a single dose early but afterwards doesn’t affect ph at all

I’ve used fish fertilizer in my soil and amended coco runs. I like it for the beneficials more than the nitrogen but it’s cheap and goes a long way. Highly recommended plus Walmart has it :sunglasses:

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How different is this from FIsh Emulsion or Fish Meal?

If it’s not the entire fish I’m thinking the N is higher than regular emulsion?

It’s not really ment to be used as fertilizer just as a bacteria booster shot to set up colonies in inert mediums

Great for a trip home booster early in bloom.

Trichomes is what I meant to type .

Ok so is there a fish shit out there thats a dry amendment to top feed maybe. I boight a bottle of fish shit 1 litre for 57 bucks not cheap lol. It smells like someone had a egg diet and dookied in the bottle. It is a horrid smell. But the plants do see to like it lolz. Something cheaper that works as well would be great


You mean this I give each pot a couple of shakes every time I mix up their medium

This is what I’ve used before , but if you have a real fresh water aquarium in the house, the water from your filters is thee best , perfect ph and your plants will go crazy . :crazy_face: stupid huge buds .

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My bad i have the 400ml fish shit was 57 bucks lol. Need someyhing cheaper between fish shit and tribus ill ho broke

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