Fish Sh!t - Any competitors?

Been using a sample of Fish Sh!t on my current Northern Lights Auto grow. I got to wondering if Fish Sh!t has any competition. I’d be interested in doing a side by side comparison.

Lots of competition, most for a little bit less money. It’s essentially bacteria/microorganisms.
Mammoth P
Great White/Orca
Voodoo Juice

Thanks! Any personal recommendations? It would be indoor and outdoor soil grows for now.

They’re all good. The most popular are Mammoth P, Great White/Orca and Voodoo Juice.
There’s nothing wrong with the other two, they’re just not as well known.

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I’ve used Urb before and it is good stuff, but be careful with it. It really increases nutrient uptake and presents the risk of nute burn as a result.

I abandoned the Urb after experiencing slight nute burn. I could have just backed off how much I gave, but I chose to go with unsulphured molasses instead to feed the beneficial bacteria that are already in the soil.

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