Fish food for nutes

Used this for nutrients in recycled soil FFHF. Any thoughts?

Only question is why


It seemed to have all the necessities

I heard of fish poop but not fish food. you going to test it out? I’m down to watch.


Can we see an ingredient list? Im not sure id be willing to try fish food…

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I would use fish food if I had some fish. :rofl:


You should cycle it through the fish first


Interesting concept. I think it is going take time to break down to nutes the plant uses. I would have composted first but honestly I know nothing about it and I do like experiments. Let us know.


Lol I first tried it about 3 months ago on a few lil pants for nitrogen deficiency and it worked. But a little for a lot ya know. Better as a compost agent maybe

So nitrogen was available immediately without breaking down.

Thats food for vegetarian cichlids an algae eaters why would you use this for thats so weird i really dont think it would have a npk for plants at all

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Not worth it. Might even make make the soil worse for growing a plant.