Fish Fertilzer at Wally World


Anybody know if there is a benefit to the fish fertilizer during growth?


I use Alaska fish fert good results


Seems like it would leave a horrible taste.


I see a lot of people use the stuff. If you are needing nutes and can’t use Amazon, that other big store that starts with M, ends in R and has a J in the middle, mine now Carry’s foxfarms


know one person who used water from his fish tank - it seemed to work very well along with the genetics"


What a great idea. I never thought of doing that.


They claim is smells horrid. I don’t know what the bud would turn out like.


Yeah, but when you do a water change on an aquarium the water doesn’t smell, but it’s full of all kinds of nutrients.


When I had a fifty five gallon aquarium, I did a two gallon water change every two weeks. I used to just throw the water down the drain, but it would make excellent fertilizer as long as it’s fairly clean.


Seems nasty to me.


Lol, aquarium water is super clean, it has to be for fish to survive in it. Fish are a lot more sensitive to water than plants.


what other big store …lol


I’m not sure if I’m allowed to spell the name or not so a little trickery was used😁


i believe we can say names just not websites or advertise…for instance saying walmart is not bad but if you followed with .com…that is not allowed…that is how i see it anyway…lol


Well hell, it’s Meijer. The secret is out. Load off my mind, JK. But yeah, Meijer now sells Foxfarms products


@Happy_Pappy I only use in veg for nitrogen they never get it in flower


No man, we have a store called Wally world.


Just teasing!


Will have to take a pic next time I’m there… but my local wallmart just started selling the whole Alaskan hydro line for pretty cheap… it’s got the fish fert, grow fert, flower fert, cal mag fert and the boost fert… I think I’m gonna pic up the whole line just to check it out… :wink:
I will have to give some feedback when I do… :wink:
I’ve gotten everything so dialed in with the general hydroponics line that it’s hard for me to change anything right now… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses: