FirstTimers 3rd Grow: Blue Dream Auto, CBD Kush Auto, Critical Mass CBD Auto

these are 2 plants in 1 5-gallon cloth pot…the line shows the plant that is yellowing-

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Looks like you may have some nutrient deficiency actually. Your PPMs look acceptable, so flushing may not do much.

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Hmmm… I guess I need to wait until she dries out and feed her normally? I’ve always checked the watering PH. I’m gonna test the soil for PH now.

advice/feedback requested:

I just tested the soil. Here is the result:

So, I flushed & then checked the soil PH.
I guess all I can do now is wait for the soil to dry out and eliminate the FoxFarm GrowBig (high Nitrogen) and just add TigerBloom and CalMag at half-strength?

any feedback greatly appreciated- thanks in advance!


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thanks…i am going thru the ‘leaf’ checklist to see. Thanks for your feedback- i really appreciate it

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Anytime, ya I went through my leaf symptom check list as well. Possible Potassium deficiency, but tigerbloom should take care of that.

I wouldn’t wait, I would feed immediately afterwards. I also recommend a digital PH meter.


I believe @Covertgrower has you covered :+1:


I say potassium just from looks idk for sure.

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I am with @Covertgrower and @Bulldognuts.

It does look like Potassium deficiency. But I’m no expert on deficiencies as I don’t deal with them in my grows.


My 2 cents worth says potassium deficiency. Kelp extract, banana water, bone meal, r a couple remedies, also I believe Raw Nutrients sells straight up potassium powder…me thinks. Is that a swimming pool ph tester??

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No, ya put soil in it up to a line, then add powder from an capsule, add water…tells the ph of the soil, not the ph of water.
I use a different product to test and adjust the ph of water.

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What I don’t understand is if I’m using the same soil for various grows…Fox Farm Happy Frog and Ocean Forest…wouldn’t Potassium deficiency be caused by using soil you collect yourself? And why would none if the other plants grown with the same soil, same fertilizer, same everything not develop a Potassium deficiency?
But yeah, it does match the pictures that show a Potassium deficiency but it also looks like … fill in the blank.
Anyway, thanks for the input — I’ll let you know what I decide to do and take another pic in a few days…I hope I don’t lose my Blue Dream! I wonder if putting 2 plants in 1 planter is affecting anything. Lastly, I think I have been over-adding nites because I read that ‘Bkue Dream’ likes lots of nutrients, more than other strains…maybe that was BS— I don’t know, we r a,l learning as we go…

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I like to think of them as children. The same kids in the same household, same parents, same food, same school etc can all turn out very differently.
So using that metaphor, each plant is its own individual, and some plants (yes even of the same strain) need more or want less of certain elements :blue_heart:


Makes sense…my 3 kids are all totally different.
-So, I watered my Blue Dream with 1/2 gallon of PH’d water mixed with 1/2 teaspoon of Fox Farm Tiger Bloom, and 1/2 teaspoon of Cal/Mag.
So, now we wait and see…
Thanks for your input!


AfterlightImage (17) copy


Problem with one of my Blue Dream Autoflower plants! They are in week 8

I made a ticket and got some feedback which I have followed as best as possible.
For those interested in learning stuff here is the link to what they said:
Blue Dream Problem

here are some pics from this morning:

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Potassium deficiency or at least what it looks like

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I agree

Trichome evaluation on a Blue Dream Auto

Hey everyone- here are the trichomes on the Blue Dream. Actually, it is 2 plants in one pot.
Anyway, please give me your input on harvest. this Blue Dream has taken awhile but I know it is all about the trichomes and the white/brown pistils.
Your input is appreciated!