FirstTimer1's 2nd Grow Journal

Hello everybody! Where last we left I had harvested my first three (3) White Widow CBD Auto plants, with your help!
It turned out great and now, after ten (10) days of drying in great conditions, they are curing in Grow Bags for the fourteen days. I have hydrometers in the bags…63% humidity. Gonna wait at least 1 month, probably 6 weeks to 2 months, before I smoke 'em!
The total dry buds came to 4.47 Ounces from three (3) plants.

If you want to access that first grow…check out: ‘New Grower- Any Feedback Appreciated’ for the first part of the grow and initial set-up, and then ‘Day 26- White Widow CBD Auto - Please Evaluate and Comment’ for the rest of that first grow. Okay, on to the the ‘2nd Grow’!


Congrats. Nice long cure time sounds perfect. I just opened a jar from December. Smells so good it makes me want to try some.

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Hey everybody I new here n wanna thank all y’all for giving us new guys help

Okay, I originally bought five (5) White Widow Auto seeds. My first grow was the first three (3) seeds that I started with.

Close to harvest I had also germinated the last two (2) White Widow Auto CBD from that original pack…but I screwed up on some travel plans so I had to ‘abandon’ my two young plants and put them out in the back, outside. But, the sun probably only hit them about 4-5 hours a day. After 10 days out there, I returned…and they were all stringy…long stems…very little vegetation…really skrimpy scary looking compared to my first batch grow properly under great lights and the correct watering schedule.
so, I brought them back inside and under the good lights…I trained them sideways to get some bud development…and this is what they look like after being properly fed, watered and put under the lights after ten (10) days.

Okay, so I also a few days ago received my CBD Auto Mix Pack of 15 seeds… Critical Mass CBD Auto, CBD Kush Auto, and White Widow CBD.
I germinated three (3) although the little plastic pockets they came in does not name what they are…just numbers…so, I have no idea what they are…
anyway, of the three (3) I germinated…1 was not viable, 1 is just starting to maybe show, and 1 is doing good. Here is the good one:

They are in a soil mixture of about 3 cups Happy Frog, 1 cup Ocean Forest, 1 cup vermiculite.
They are in new ‘cloth’ 5 gallon cloth thingies… and I use:

for the fertilizers, etc.

so, thats it! Here we go!


Check out my new 2’nd grow!


Yeah…I noticed my biggest plant, the one that was juiciest and just low-stress trained (not topped like one of her sister) is smelling realllly sweet. The others are better than when i put them in, but still a little ‘hay-eeey’, but not too bad…but that big one? It is aromatic!

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Im only on my 2nd grow…but my first went really great ONLY because I listened to those more experienced on this forum…so, I will gladly pass on anything that worked for me.

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So, this one is really my ‘2nd grow’

The other sideways plants are from my first…but they got screwed up when I had to leave the state…and with autoflowers, you dont have much time to fix things…maybe the next grow will be regular ones!
we will see, I still have 12 seeds in the fridge!


I’m signing up and taking a seat at FirstTimer1’s School of HIGHER Learning!!!
Hope I get an A!


Set to watch :+1:

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Thanks for the tag @FirstTimer1 I’m along for the ride. Great save on the unlucky few that were left behind, I’m sure it wasn’t easy. After a once over they rebounded great, a tribute to what u have already learned. They r very robust plants, if u can get them to germinate n break ground. I’m not really an auto grower, but I enjoyed watching ur experience n confidence grow, n how u leaned on the forum for help when needed. On a side note, after curing please give a report on the WWA CBD plants, as a grower of my own meds it would b much appreciated. :+1::+1::v:

Awesome! Good luck with this grow too!

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Thanks for the tag! Of course I’m onboard! :grin:

I’m all set to watching, I’ll tag you when I start a journal next grow.

my ‘abandoned on the back deck for 2 weeks and now all stretched out and spindly’ White Widow CBD Auto’s have been inside now properly attended to and look like this now:

My two ‘unknown’ plant (either CBD Critical Mass Auto or CBD Kush Auto) are doing good…the one big enough to see definitely doesn’t look like White Widow Auto… if any of you have grown CBD Kush or Critical Mass maybe you can identify it for me. Anyway, everything is good so far:

Meanwhile, my first grow (White Widow CBD Auto) has been curing in Grow bags for 3 weeks today. I will let you know after I smoke some…but I am gonna wait for them to cure more. My goal is to let it cure for 6 weeks. The big plant that was extra aromatic and resiny when I harvested really smells alot sweeter than the two smaller plants which both smell a bit like hay, not as sweet smelling but less like hay than when I started the cure 3 weeks ago. The hydrometers in the bags are all saying 63-65% humidity.

Thanks for watching and if anyone has a guess as to what strain the new plant shown above might be…send me your guesstimate…it has to be either the Kush or the Critical Mass- Thanks!

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Thanks for watching! I think the main thing I learned and am learning is the low stress training. It really is cool the way the little offshoots, if the stem is trained horizontally, grow up to the light to form buds. I also learned that the plant that I experimented on by ‘topping it’, you know, I actually cut off the top and it developed two top colas…that did not really do as great. I think with these CBD’s if I do aggressive ‘low stress training) (a contradiction in terms…‘aggressive’/low stress’) and leave the main cola alone, plus some ‘defoliation’ of leaves that block the little buds…that is the best way for me to go.

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I have no idea what that girl might be lol, I’ll guess Critical Mass. I can’t wait to see how the first grow smokes!! They look great. I tagged you in my new grow journal if you want to follow.

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I’m absolutely positive it’s cannabis, that’s all I got. :v::v::alien:

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Thanks- will do!

2nd Grow Update

1.) The 2 White Widow CBD Auto plants that I had to move temporarily outdoors, and when I returned they were ridiculously long, and leggy and all stem and very few leaves? They only got like 5 hours of sun a day. I moved them inside into my grow tent. Here is what they look like now at about 9.5 weeks:
(these are actually two plants but I low stress trained them sideways to encourage bud development…so, they are both kinda growing towards the right of the picture:

Here are two new seeds at about 3.5 weeks for the bigger one and maybe a little less for the little guy. These were in the unknown ‘CBD Auto’ batch from ILGM - and they weren’t marked…they might be White Widow CBD Auto, the Kush CBD Auto or the Critical Mass CBD Auto.

The little guy is super light green and growing very slooooow. The other one is a very nice deep green color. I really don’t know which strains they are as the little packets were not marked. If anyone has a guess now that they are bigger…please chime in!

PS. The one ‘secret’ I have learned to pass onto new growers is: the key to lots of buds is good Low Stress Training on the Autos. And appropriate Defoliation. But in experimenting with cutting off tops? Didnt pay off…but low stress training really does wonders.

Lastly, my first batch is curing in Grove Bags…the humidity is perfect and they really are smelling sweet after curing for 5 weeks. I am going for a 2-month cure and then I’ll start smoking!