First year inside grow got the tent up

Hello everybody ,going to try to do some cloneing early in the year , I purchased a marsgrow tent , 2ft+4ft+72,300wt viperspectra, 600 mars, 6inch vivosun exhaust system, and all the little trinkets that goes with the tent , I got a couple of questions I cant find on the internet how far to I put my therm sensor in the tent , I have the exhaust on a timer every two hours for about 15 min , the tent is keeping in the high 70 degree range right now and the plants seems to be happy ,


@Driftboat seems like you got all you need! Most growers, if not all, are against ever turning off exhaust or intake fans. You want to displace stale air with fresh air constantly

Also, put your sensor wherever you want to test the temp. Most people have 2 (one on ground, and one hanging about canopy height)


If you run the exhaust system this way you will need a fan in there to move the air, and that will help the plants to


I do have a 6 inch fan running full time , seems like everything is going fine , I know I will be running exhaust more later when the plants ends the veg state, I been switching lights every two days , 2 days on the 300 watt and next the 600 watt , been waking up to low 40 deg morning here in Cal , I run the heater in the house to bring up the temp in the tent for the 300 watt light.