First X Strawberry Kush


Kiddos to both of you then! For sure nice job bro @Tonyb and sis looks good @MBgrower


Thanks @bob31 , I 've been wondering about Sprogging and felt it may be something I won’t to do for my girl’s and their new adopted sister’s, they are outside and in fabric pots, so being a redneck that I am I made some with bamboo and some twine , I’ve started training them by tieing to the bamboo polls until they grow some more to reach my homemade net, LOL !! I won’t to be still be able to move them , New England weather , you never know !!
What do you think ?
<img src="/uploads/growingmarijuana/original/3X/8/1/81474724c8d4f13869a431dca08953de6e23944b.jpg" width=“333” height="500"
I still have five more to make , got my hands full now , 9 plants , Oh Boy !!


Sorry the picture didn’t upload @bob31 , let me try again


I think there is plenty of room for free thinking and innovation! I like what you’re doing. I think the net will need to be a little tighter though so you can tuck the plant under the net.

Maybe stakes off the corners and string from your bamboo out to the stakes that way you could pull them a bit tighter? Throwing ideas out there to ya MB @MBgrower

The plants look great by the way!


@MBgrower well the next time you have to buy bags, they do make these (white poles not included). When I seen your pics, I instantly thought of them…

I have never tried them, but they look interesting, if you used pvc you could build a nice scrog on top of them…


I was thinking the same exact thing about the SCROG idea! @Ron330



Thank You for your post , those pots are really wicked nice , I’m definitely going to check them out for next grow but that gives some ideas , maybe I can some how put my bamboo pool on the outside and start over or improve them for now , Thanks again @Ron330 :grin:



Thanks @bob31 , I thought the net looked loose , @Ron330 posted a new fabric bags from Amazon that have PVP pipes attached to the outside corners , they look really cool plus gives me some idea’s . I do have a few questions maybe you can help me with , “CLONING” – about how old should the mother before I take branches from her and I topped my girls about 2 weeks ago , I’m seeing all new growth , how long should I wait until I can top them again ?


@MBgrower I saw those. I thought you’d like them! I don’ t know of anyone using them, soyou could be starting a trend!

On the topping I think a week or two in between is the standard answer.

Cloning- depends on if you are gonna keep the mama as a mama or if you are going to Monster Crop Clone?

Monster Cropping is IMO the way to go! Put mama to flowering after about 21 days find a few of the smaller side buds and take those and root them. Those plants will grow to be monsters. You can google the term to get more info


So much to learn but very intriguing , I am going to do some reading on the subject “Monster Cropping” , this may be something I would enjoy trying , experiment with one of me little girls. Thank you for this information @bob31 , I really appreciate all the help that you give to me , I don’t feel so alone on this grow . This is really my first grow and I thought 5 plants were going to be challenging but now I have adopted 4 more and feeling a little overwhelmed but confident , if that makes sense at all, LOL :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank You Again,


yes it makes sense! It can be very overwhelming. I am going to monster crop a gold leaf in a few months she just barely sprouted, but I am going to try it myself! It is a better system than keep a mother and taking clones from her, though i am going to do regular clones as well!

Isn’t this just some fun stuff! @MBgrower


thanks for putting this up bob…you are a gem sir!!!


What a beautiful day 77 degree’s , sunny and a little windy , my girl’s are in "HEAVEN’ !! :sunglasses:
I took off my first branches today and started to try and clone them ,I figured I’m already overwhelmed but having a “GREAT” time @bob31 , what’s a one more. I cut 3 branches , dipped them in rooting powder them put them in soil , hoping one will take - We’ll see…
Here are my girl’s , all 9 of them :dizzy_face:

Happy Happy Happy


Very very interesting @bob31 , this sounds like something I absolutely want to try but I have to figure out if I’ll have enough time for my growing season. I think I might have to wait until next summer :sob: ,


Another beautiful day outside , I started my 5 Strawberry girl’s there first feed of nutrients - 1/4 strength - want to start them slowly so they won’t burn !! I charted it down on my calendar so I can keep track of the feeding’s and watering. One schedule for the big girl’s and another for there new sister’s. I’m going slow with the nutrients since I made my own soil from compost , chicken poop :chicken:

Hope everyone is enjoying their day !!!
Happy Happy Happy Growing :smiley: :herb:::purple_heart:


@garrigan62 has the corner on the market on soil mixtures. I am more like you bob, trying not to kill the plants. Thanks for the recommendation though.


Hi @TxGrowman I would love to learn more about making my own soil for next grow, although I haven’t had any problems yet and that’s a BIG yet , there’s always room for improvement . I have my compost pile going for next grow and the chicken poop is always available - I live in a farming community - 10.5 acres and no neighbors , it’s very quite here in MA. If you don’t mind @garrigan62 I would love to hear your soil mixture, it seems that you just may be the MASTER !!

Thank You very very much


If you look at his last grow journal, it will help out a lot on his soils. There is a lot of mention on his soils at the start of the journal. Hope this helps. Jerry


Great posts! I have 4 Strawberry Kush girls going right now and just wanted to add on the naming issue lol - you gots to have Sally in there somewhere


Thank you for the post , I’ll be doing some reading tonight @TxGrowman !!! :wink: