First X Strawberry Kush


Having a hard time getting to sleep tonight , girls are outside and it’s 51 degrees , I can’t believe it’s June !! These plants are like my children , I’m up because I’m worried about them , REALLY , there only plants – I quess it’s time to NAME them , once you name something it now belongs YOU !! I need 8 strong female names hummmm… something to think about while I try and get to sleep :sweat:



lol I love naming my girls! @MBgrower



Hillary Clinton, Susan bud Anthony, hairutbudman… Hmm Nancy Reagan… Hmm


lol. @Tonyb love Susan (B)ud Anthony , that’s going to be my STRONGEST girl , don’t like
Hilary Clinton , just don’t like or respect her and Nancy Reagan is such a sweetheart don’t know if I like naming a cannabis plant after her , I like Amelia - the first woman pilot - So that’s two now I need 6 more . I’m so tired this morning , woke up at 4:30 this morning to check my girls , Susan (B) Anthony , Amelia and the other 6 (no name yet) did GREAT last night and look very healthy !! (Thank God) , theae plants keep me amazed !!! :relieved:

Very Happy Camper,


Nancy Reagan is funny though, she like helped push the war against drugs and was like the founder of madd n stuff. It’s an ironically strong woman name :wink:


You gave me a interestingthought about her , she’s so classy and so dedicated to President Ronald Ragon but not to subdued on issues she felt for , yes @Tonyb she is a strong women whom I have respect for , I’m definitely using “Nancy” , Now to decide which of my Lady’s deserve such a name and grow with class, independent and Strong
Thank you for your reply , you definitely gave a different outlook,

Humbly Thankful


And which ever one does the worse, gives you the most head aches should be called Hillary, on the surface so promising, but once you get to know then plant loose almost every ounce of respect for her xD hahaha


That’s funny but so true, my girls are just entering the veg state , all are doing so good , haven’t really had to do much to them so far (knock on wood) one Anthony , Queen B for short , but so far no one has given me a problem , (still knocking) I’m sure this grow will challenging , just waiting for the first blow , But so far so good , I’ll give the smallest Hilary , so now that’s four : Susan , Amelia , Nancy and Hilary !! Thanks for you for your input @Tonyb this is fun!!!

MB :laughing:


Finally “SUN” !!! It’s rained everyday so far this month but not today , Thank God !! I was really starting to worry about my girls since they are outside now, I can’t believe how good they are doing. Everyday this month it has rained and in the 50’s , the other night it went down to the 40’s , I thought for sure that my girls were going to drown but to my surprise they are doing GREAT , I don’t know why they are doing so good , these plants amaze me . The one I fimmed never showed any signs of stress , actually the opposite , new growth everywhere and the stems are getting so strong. The weather will be in 60’s to 70’s for the rest of the week , YIPEE !!

Very Happy Grower


I like the names you picked out. Nancy Regan’s heart was in the right place.

I remember the first time I smoked weed, 1974… I was so scared that I was gonna become a junkie… Lol gateway drug my butt.

We’ve gained quite a bit of insight since then, for sure. @MBgrower


That’s funny , my mother always told me that POT is just the beginning to bigger drugs so I always thought the same thing , lol @bob31 . When I was younger smoking didn’t agree with me , I never enjoyed it , I would think everyone was looking at me and that they knew , I tried it again about a year ago and I get a much better reaction , now I absolutely LOVE smoking at night , every night !!! :heart_eyes:
Do you name your plants? It’s been fun coming up with names , it’s almost like each plant has her own personality


I don’t give them name names. I called my gold leaf GL. I call my Blueberry Autos BBA1 and BBA2

It’s like naming farm animals and then having names makes them like pets. Not sure I could smoke weed named Hillary. lmao


:laughing: , good thing they are female , I would have named one Donald Trump !!!


Happy Saturday Morning, , woke up early and can’t get back to sleep , I’ve been so busy to lately , what a great morning to WAKE & BAKE :dizzy_face: !!!
A quick up date on my girl’s : The weather has finally changed , although it’s still a cooler than it should be in June but it’s been WONDERFUL


Happy W&B @MBgrower


Sorry I hit a key and posted before I was done !!!

It’s been in the high 70’s and NO rain, just SUNSHINE :boom: My girls are doing very good and I now have 4 adopted sister’s for my girl. I’m a little un easy since I’m a newbie but I know I have all awesome people here to help me along the way to harvest and I want to Thank All Of YOU for all your support . I now have 5 Strawberrry Kush and 4 baby White Widow , I have my hands full but feeling confident that I’ll OK !!

I’ve topped all of MY girls and they are doing great, no stress and seeing so my new growth , I also started training them by tieing the tops and bending the stems because I wont to Sprog them. What a change in the growth , the lower stems have grown so much reaching for the sun, They all look so happy!!

My new addition to the family are also doing good , growing inches by the day and the color of their leaves are so green and rich looking, a lot different then their older sister’s , it’s fun watching how different the 2 stains are,


Good Morning @bob31 , it took me so long so write that post , I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to even write a post but I’ve looked at the Forum’s new post !!


I love the name you gave to your girl “crooked hillary” hahahaha LMAO @MBgrower


Totally helped him come up with some of those names lol


Yes you did @Tonyb , lmao and thank you !!