First X Strawberry Kush


Thank you again @peachfuzz , I really love this Forum, everyone is so nice , offering there help and making me feel very welcome. Talk to soon (I’m sure I’ll have ?'s)



That’s what really got me at first, I had to learn to grow and had to learn how to use this computer ! Three years and I ALMOST understand this computer !

This growing thing is something I cannot put down. I am sitting here smoking some of my SK that I grew. It is my anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medicine. No more pills if I can help it !

Good luck on your grow ! We are all here to help each other in growing. Jerry


I honestly appreciate all the help and support. I had to put the Forum a break but I’m back , I so love and need as much help as I can get . I grew on plant last year but a friend gave it me well established, but I certainly got the growing bug . Me and my husband are both on different medications for anxiety, ADD ,arthritis so I’ve researched the benefits of medical, I hope all goes well and I can through out allot of PILLS
Thank You again;



Hi @TxGrowman , I have a question for you , What are your thoughts on fabric pots , I’ve heard alot of different things about them but mostly good. Although I’m growing outside I want my girls in pots so I can move them if need be , the weather here in MA is very unpredictable.

Any feedback and support is more then appreciated


Fabric pots :+1::+1::+1:

Check out the ones @Lia uses. I’ve been using them and love them. They are great!


If you look at the end of my journal, I commented on the fabric pots. They are the best as far as I am concerned. I have a picture showing the root ball after I harvested. They worked flawlessly and produced some of my best grow so far. I will use nothing else from now on ! ! My only problem was that I used a 3 gallon pot instead of a 5 gallon due to having a small grow area. After looking at the root ball, I am going to use a 5 gallon bag.

I have another post that I am growing my garden on and using 20 gallon fabric pots for my tomatoes. My tomatoes have only been in the pots for two weeks and have all grown over 18 inches or more in that time. I will use nothing else. I will tag you when I publish pictures tomorrow or Sunday.


Thank You very much @TxGrowman , I’ve been reading many posts and they all have great things to say about them - you’ve made up my mind about the fabric pots - I’m definitely going to use them. I one plant last year but was well established when I received her , this year I’m growing on my own starting from seed. My baby girlsare still in starter soil but will be transplanting soon , Thank You again, what are your thoughts on making your own soil. We moved into my father in law’s, 10 acres in the boondarks , I’ve been looking at the soil and it looks Great. There are leaves oaths ground that have been there for years, I’ve dug some and then sifted it . I also came across of a pile where he’s been dumping his grass clippings, it has to be about 6 ft , all decomposed, it looks so rich , any feed back wouldbe highly greatful
Thank You again, I can’t say how much I appreciate all your knowledge and support
Very Grateful;


@MBgrower oh no, you did it! Never ask about the soil! LOL I’m not gonna steal any of Jerry’s thunder @TxGrowman

Make sure you take notes! :grin:


I’ve been reading many posts about fabric pots and everyone seems to have the same opinion - All Good Thank You again for your support !! What are your thoughts on soil - I’ve recently moved to my father in laws, 10 acres , way out in the woods , I’ve been looking at the soil rich . There are layers of leaves, that have been there for years , I also discovered a pile about 6ft tall of grass clippings, all decomposed compost . What are your thoughts, should I have the soil tested ?


LOL @bob31 , I’ve got my notebook ready !!


I think it is best to mix the different types together. I’m not the soil expert though! @TxGrowman has a recipe I believe. That’s more his forte I’m more of the anti-assassin (I try to help people not kill their plants!)


Finally have some time to update my girls growing journal ! :grin: I can’t believe its already been a month since my baby girls popped out of’ the soil , they have changed so much in such a short time. I made my own soil , although I was very nervous about transplanting them , they are doing GREAT (knock on wood) !!! My baby girls are not showing any signs of shock ( Thank God) and are thriving . The weather here in New England has finally improved. Mother nature has realized that it’s May not March , lol !!! All of my girls are in fabric pots and outside and have been outside for about 5 days and they are so HAPPY and loving the fresh air and sun. I haven’t gave them any nutes yet , they don’t seem to need any, I’m just watering when needed. I’ve been checking the soil carefully to make sure I’m not overwatering. The PH is between 6.4 to 6.1 , so far so good. Thank you everyone for all your support and knowledge. I’m a new grower but I feel so confident going forward knowing that I have so much help and information . Again a HUGE Thank You to everyone who has read my posts and gave me such wonderful help :purple_heart: . I can post pictures now , Yippee (Thank You @bob31 for all your help)



I’m in such amazement on how much these plants change in such a short time :relaxed: , I think I need to start taking new pictures of my girls at least once a week if not every other day. They all have doubled in size and there stems are looking so strong.


After a lot of reading and reading all the posts on Fimming I can find , ‘I DID IT’ Wednesday afternoon. I might have jumped the gun and I’m a little worry , she’s not showing any signs of stress , Thank God , but not going to try again until how I see how she turns out. Plus a good friend of mine had me buy WW seeds , on sale 10 get 10 , I started them and are ready for transplant but now he’s showing no interest in them. No reading done plus I he hasn’t bought any soil or fertilizers or PH tester and now he’s not answering my calls. This is my first grow and have my hands full with my five but I looks like now I’m going have 25 plants, HOLY COW , I hope I can handle them , I’m going to have to start a grow journal. But her is a image of my firtst fimmed plant, any feed back would be very useful. Thank You so much to Everyone !!



She looks like she was a fine age to do the first fimming. I see you grow outdoors though… I posted a question about outdoor grows in the outdoor section… You should weight in n I’ll love u long time! Also botonicare liquid karma will help destress plants if ur supper worried. I think GH has something called thrive too that’s basically the same thing.


Thank Goodness, I was a little worried, although I’ve read all I could find on fimming , I’m a beginner and having a approval from you @Tonyb makes me feel so so so much better. Thank you for asking me to jump in on your post on outdoor growing , I’m so honored, almost like I graduated , lol, If you can tag me to your post it would be my pleasure. I don’t think I need the “Thrive” she looks very good today , I’m a Happy Camper !! :relieved:



It’s kinda a journal with like 3 grows in it but I’ll tag ya


These plants surprise me so much , the weather here is still not that great , rain every other day , 50’s at night and high 60’s during the day and the girls are looking so healthy. I read how important it is for seedlings to be at right temp and the lighting so my plants shouldn’t be doing very well but they are — AMAZED :open_mouth: , I fimmed one of my plants , thought I was being impatient but she’s doing so good so far (knock on wood) , she’s not showing no signs of stress , actually the opposite , I’m seeing new growth on all for nodes , tiny but they are there :herb:

This was just taken this morning , hard to see the new growth but IT’S THERE, YIPEE



They’re looking great @MBgrower


Thanks @bob31 , your making me feel like a “PROUD” Momma !!! :blush: