First WW, How Close To Harvest?


How do the tricomes look?


Agree check trichs but chit id say youre there if not overripe.


Def keep an eye on trichomes, the last week is so important to adding an incredible amount of density, weight and more potent resin… i generally harvest at around 40% amber, seems to be the sweet spot for my needs.
Nice plant bud, enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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I agree with all of the above, and just want to add…great work! :+1:

Thanks so much for all the feedback! I’m thinking of cutting out nutrients and just using plain water with PH adjusted to 6.0 for 2 weeks and then harvest. Does that make sense or will it be too long?

Let the plant tell you when to harvest. Do you have means of magnification? Jewelers loupe, high power magnifying glass? hand held lighted microscope? I grabbed a small micro w led on Amazon with 160x-210x magnification for $15, and i will never be without one again. (Im going to order one that can take photos next) Use the mag to look at the trichomes on buds AND sugar leaves, harvest when they are 30-50% amber/honey colored. I shoot for 40%, somewhere in the middle, but its obviously not exact. As long as they are not all still milky/cloudy and 30-50% are turning that golden honey color, you are good to go.
The sooner the plants are harvested the more energetic the effects of the THC will be. Longer, later harvests with more amber will be more sedative. Of course certain strains have that distinction on their own, but 2 of the same harvested early or late will show the difference. I’ve found generally 2-3 day window for my preferences is good. If you’re not sure, check tomorrow… it is a personal preference after all.
Get the magnification, always have at least one in your supplies. Great for finding pests - mites that are nearly invisible, but oh so important to harvesting time!!

this is GG from last grow, this one taken Feb 2. Pistils all changed up lookin good, trichomes everywhere… SOON!

…another shot same bud on Feb 22. Any day now im thinking…

Actual day of harvest? Mar 28!! It was torture to wait, but look at the trichomes glistening like crystals… finally around 40% of them had turned Golden honey colored. One of the best plants of the grow. Have patience my friend, i almost took this one twice within the 2 weeks prior to this photo. So glad I waited…

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Just found my WW from that same grow

The WW didnt have the same trichomes as the GG, but they were physically much larger buds, and the golden honey harvest time let the last one tip the scale at 13.4g dry!! Not bad for my first indoor grow of WW.
Let the plant tell you when, you will be happy you did!!
“We will not dry… until it’s time…”

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I let my wwa last year go too long. Waiting for them to go amber never did. I would harvest after flush.

Macro clip on lens work sweet for trichomes photos. Most people have one already