First white widow outside grow

Hi, this is my first grow and my plant is 6 days old. I started little bit rough because I had no experience but when it’ll be the time of transplanting I’ll upgrade my soil…
Outdoors grow
Temp: around 20°C
Water twice a day but I changed for one.
Is it slowly for the grow ?
Red stem still present too ?

Day 3

Day 4

Day 6

Thanks to help !!!


Looks good

Looks good, but way too wet. Let it dry out.


Right now you want to put a clear dome over seedlings and just mist a few times a day

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Is it something like that and I spray the interior of the bottle


Stop watering!! Take a breath and don.t love your plant to death. Water small amounts in a circle around the plant, like half a cup every third day or so.


Yes. Like that


It becomes bigger and bigger every day! I just need to be patient but the next is rainy, I wish everything will be fine :expressionless:

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Day 9

Slow grow but I hope better quality lol !

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First few days slow then bam explosive

Yeah men !

20190522_175247 20190522_175256
It becomes bigger but still late from my research do you think there’s a lack of sun ?
I have the sun 8 am to 4pm ish

Is soil always that wet?

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Help??? my soil was dry is it possibleal a lack of water ?