First White widow auto flower

A little excited first White widow auto flower popped up after 4 attempts :man_facepalming:

Gonna dome? Those peat cups are pretty unpopular btw.

It just popped up today so I hope so. New to growing. I’ll take all the advice thanks

Dome meaning like.

Keeps the RH up. Since you don’t want to damp off your seedling. Personally I only dome clones and accidents. But I religiously mist my soil twice a day with seedlings. Clones are less work since I do use a dome. Just mist the inside and soil every other day. I like to harden seedlings fast tho, so no dome, would degrade the light. Just a thought. Everyone has to figure out what works for them. Just keep her feet moist but not wet or saturated and she’ll do great. Would personally rinse her off too. Since your light should be weak enough to where if you did spray her a little it wouldn’t hurt.

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Awesome thanks for the advice :+1:

I’m only going to dome it until it comes up a bit more

I would dome it now. I’ve used cut, clear pop bottles before. They work fine. If it won’t fit on the small pot, you can always use a 2-liter bottle. I’ve done that too.

Those peat cups are notorious for retaining water which isn’t good for seedlings. A dome pretty much eliminates the need to water the peat cup for the first week or 2 of the plant’s life. Cannabis doesn’t like wet feed and the seedling stage is probably the most important so you can avoid the little one “damping off.”