First..Well, Second Attempt at Proving to Wife We Can Support Ourselves

Looks like Baby 2 is getting harvested today, just under 10 weeks old. She could go a little longer but I liked the high from the first one at this stage.

Baby 1 is bigger and has about another week. Started the 4th ILGM seed 2 days ago and she is already above ground. She is in a 4 gallon pot and will be a story for another blog.

I’ll post the pics of the before yield as soon as I’m done trimming.

No pics, but ended up with 70gs wet. So, a lot bigger than the one gallon pot. Lets see what the four gallon pot gives me. I still have Baby 1 left, but I’ll harvest her next week.

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Down to 27gs for this last gathering, but I am slowly figuring this out, and going to step up the grow with my next purchase of seeds. I am really learning a lot and i am producing some good small, albeit small quantities, but that will change. It’s still double what i got from the first plant so high fives. About to harvest the next one and she looks to be about 2x bigger, so yay! She also looks to have a phosphorous deficiency, so I will not start flushing so soon, or maybe no flush at all for the 4th girl. It seems to be common to get some phosphorous deficiency at the end of flowering so hopefully that is it. The 4th girl is only 5 days old from start of germ and is looking strong and she is a different story. I have the wife on board and things are cruising.

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Second one is getting chopped after work today. I will absolutely post pics. You guys have been awesome. I see a lot of people on here panicking about every aspect of the grow, it’s pretty chill though and can be done without a 5,000$ setup. I used small pots at first and got small yields. Getting a bigger tent and stepping it up so I can actually have a nice stash. We will see if it becomes legal in my state on the 3rd.

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What size HID bulb would u reccomend for a 4×8 room ? Right now i have 2 plants in their with 2 600w blurples .i heard great things about these lights . Thx

Keep in mind with hid you’ll have a lot of heat to contend with plus a good jump in your electric bill.

Ya kinda figured it would kinda costly . I kinda need it tho . Dont have the best lights yet . Would 400w be to much thx

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@dbrn32 @Covertgrower …see 3rd mesg up ^ let’s get someone that knows more than I do lol.

For a 4x8 grow space you would need at least two 1000 watt hid’s. You might really be better off using what you have and saving up for 2 good LEDs. They cost more up front but you’ll save it on your electric and cooling bill.

I’m all LED, I have no experience with HID. @dbrn32 maybe?

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Two 600 watt hps lamps


There you go bro!

Ty everyone hope it gives a little more life to these


Nice start!:+1::sunglasses::v: