First..Well, Second Attempt at Proving to Wife We Can Support Ourselves

And I’m out of smoke so it makes it even harder. God I cannot wait to not have to depend on people for my smoke.


Your skills will have you self-sufficient (bud wise) before you know it.
Your plants are doing very nicely.

Cannabis self-sufficiency was my motivation to start growing nearly three years ago.

I now grow many, many times as much as I can consume.


I should add, my setup is fairly elaborate with excellent lighting.

It costs me about $10 per ounce to grow top shelf buds.

I typically grow six plants per cycle.

This all makes using cannabis very affordable.


I probably won’t get thousands in to it right away, but I am sure that over time I will be almost pro, lol. God this is so much fun.

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So close to harvest. I see the trichomes are all cloudy with one or two in each area I checked turning brown. The pistils are starting to turn a light brown also. I clipped a couple of small non essential buds to get a quick taste and they did well, I am stoked to see how they do once they are all growed up. SO FUCKING STOKED.

Ya very nice def getting close now the hardest part to actually give it time to cure before smoking lol very hard to do but well worth when I first started Indor I did not let it cure lots cus wanted weed for no price but now that I have stock I let it cure a full 2 months min before smoking gets so smooth and no coughing cus the good cure

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This one will get no chance to cure, lol. I’ll have to purchase some until the other two finish, then I’ve got two more ready behind them. The other two are really getting big, well bigger than my first one. The fricken fans are the size of my palm. I think it has to do with the nutrients being started earlier, size of the pot, and a water schedule worked out. I’ll post pics again on Monday. You guys rock.

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Since I am chomping at the bit and i still have a little bit of time before the first small harvest, what is the best quick dry method, that people have actually tried, that doesn’t effect the quality? I’ve read that the brown bag method is the best way to dry it in just a few days. I will properly dry and cure the next batches…don’t worry. The next two girls look to be ready to provide twice each what this one little girl will. Anyway, that’s the question. I still have time to research and get opinions.

Just brown bagged a taste myself :sweat_smile::+1:

How’d you do it?

Just used kinda smaller sandwich size bags and put enough buds in to line the bottom. Rolled bag up tight and put in dark dry place. (I used kitchen cabinet) once a day I open it for maybe 15 minutes and bounce the buds around and repeat. Took me 4 days. Probably could have used another day but I got impatient lol.

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My bud storage jars used to come with spaghetti sauce in them. :wink:

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Having to repurpose my drinking glasses cause I’m a cheapskate lol. Pint Mason jars for beer and quarts for sun tea :+1:

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I’ve been canning veggies and homemade sauces, so I have plenty of mason jars. Walmart has the best prices on the dozen.

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So, the oldest is right on the brink, her main is about 50/50 and the rest are right behind. I mean, it’s probably perfect in most spots. Issues though is that some of the small buds underneath are still fluffy with white pistils, but their trichomes are turning amber. Should I pull some and leave the rest to mature more? Here are some pics of a couple of the main buds.

I need peoples opinions to let me know if I am on the right track. I can post closeups if needed. Remember, this is my very first plant ever, be nice, lol.

Main Cola, she bends towards the back a few more inches, she’s literally a handful.

The rest are about the same size as the following pics, there are 5 more. they are maybe the length of a small lighter.

You do not understand how excited I am harvest and trim and just stare at these buds I am. The next two girls are huge and now have so much more room because I have pulled the oldest out to sit on the window sill. I am so stoked to cut and trim and wet weigh this plant.

@Eagles009 my wife is 100% on board but she will not admit it. She is as excited as I am to cut this first harvest.


Looking good! Just judging by the pistils I’d say you probably have a couple more weeks to go. Trichs are king though if they look good to you, you can definitely leave the lower buds to mature more when you harvest what you think is ready.

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Thanks man. I think I’ll hold off as long as i can. If you guys can tell just by looking then I will trust that. I might grab the tip of the main though because it is getting amber. WOOT!

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Are you sure the amber is on a calyx and not a leaf? If the trichs on your calyxs and really going amber than trust that over what I think about your white pistils :wink:

I’m seeing amber on the leaves the calyx are all cloudy.

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