First..Well, Second Attempt at Proving to Wife We Can Support Ourselves



Man, I can only dream of them getting that big

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Trust me my freind you can i actually consider them smaller then usual I picked the strain for the 26 % thc not the size they are only saposed to be 6 feet but it is super easy just ignore all the million ideas from everyone and stick to the basics grow in pro mix hp soil feed good nutrients at a ph around 6.4 keep the grow erea spotless of dirt and bugs don’t cheap out on lights and if you can keep the c o levels around 1200 ppm thru biding and you should be able to crop a pound in a 4 by 4 by 7 tent every grow with the photo plants

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O and minimum pot size 7 gal to hit that pound that’s usually around what I get with 4 plants in my tent

If only I had room for a 4x4x7. Once it’s legal I am growing at full cap outdoors.

Well for when that day comes look into blue cheese strain there a masive 3 meter plant with an amazing smell and taste with missive yeilds up to 2000 g a plant

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Took them out to bend some more and prune the underside of the oldest. Only pruned a small amount so I don’t stress her too much.

I’m nervous about watering the other two. It’s been since Monday and they still have heft to them and it’s slightly damp when I stick my finger up to the knuckle in the soil. Should I water or just wait until tomorrow when I feed them? I have a moisture meter and it’s still damp towards the top and fricken wet at the bottom.

Here are some pictures of the oldest that I thought looked pretty.

James77 thanks for all the encouragement, wish I knew ya in person. I would love to see those up close.


Come visit ontario lol well maybe not this time a year starting to get cold lol ya the pics are sexy there looking good

@James77 Dude, I would love to come visit but, I don’t think Canada would even let and American in anymore, lol. I used to live in WA and went to Vancouver to party all the time. Using your ATMs always made me feel like I had more money to spend, lol.

As for these girls, the youngest are looking better and bigger than the oldest ever did at 4 weeks. The oldest though looks as though she come out with a least 28 grams right now, so hopefully more.

Question about harvest, as I keep an eye on her buds when will I really know she is ready to pull?

Here are two closeups of her maim cola from both sides.

Thanks again everyone for being awesome and supportive to a newb with small plants. You guys rock!

@MyNameWasTaken. Get a 60x jewelers loupe and watch the tricomes. They start out clear then slowly turn milky then depending oh how close to couch lock you want they start turning amber. That’s the little white looking dots on the leafs. They look like a mushroom up close.

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So the reality is you need a 50x too 100x magnifying glass to realy no whe it is ready for the best high the plant will have you should cut down when tricombs are 10% clear 80% opec aka cloudy and 10% gold the tricombs in the magnifying glass look like golf teas with ball on it and you looking at nugs not leaves I usually look at about 10 spots per plant and try to hit that average if you can’t get a magnifying glass they say the white hairs you see in your pic should be 70% amber color but I don’t like that way not as accurate and I always grow for quality never quantity so you can order a magnifying glass with led from Amazon for like 10 to 20 bucks ![1600452133750-929721309|375x500]


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ok, cool, I have a jewlers loop on order thats 60x, I’ll go ahead and grab another that gets 100x. I was going to get a digital microscope but the loops are 4x cheaper. When I pulled the oldest out this morning I noticed the wife’s genuine interest in her, lol. She actually told me that when I first started she thought they were just going to shrivel and die, she is getting in to my enthusiasm a little bit. I will take what I can get. If I get a good 1/2 ounce of bud that smokes and tastes and relaxes better than ever, she will definitely let me upgrade to little bigger setup. woot.


You’ll be ok with the 60x. I’m scraping by with a 20x. I just have to get it practically touching the bud and my eyeball almost touching it but it’s working lol. I will get a 100x microscope for my phone sometime.

Lol, finally figured out what you meant by couch lock. What happens if you let the tricomes go 100% amber?

That means have drinks and munchies on the sofa with you! :+1::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::upside_down_face::crazy_face::sunglasses: Maybe a pillow and blanket!


Lol I remember me and you talked about this when you first posted this. Glad she’s getting on board! I actually found mine INSIDE the tent on a knee checking one out in the back corner like two days ago. Hook, line, and sinker.


Got the jewelers loop and can see the terps just fine. They are all clear so that makes me think I still have a bit more growth to look forward to. Its like the buds are taking over. I am slowly trimming leaves that block light, but for the most part its just being over taken by buds. looking forward to seeing how big the other tow get since they’re in bigger pots.

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So I am so anxious. What would happen if I trimmed one of the small buds that won’t amount to much and dried it out early?

It might not be very strong yet or last as long as it would when its mature, but would still probably get you high.

Might be a little harsh.


Well, they seem to be doing well, the youngest ones are already bigger than the oldest and they are 4 weeks younger.

So ready for the oldest to be all growed up.