First..Well, Second Attempt at Proving to Wife We Can Support Ourselves

Yeah, she is a Lowryder Auto. They are supposedly perfect for beginners and can reach maturity in 9 weeks but have been known to go longer. I am planning on doing 1 photo plant for practice once I get all 5 Lowryders grown. Already trying to decide which seeds I’ll get.

Id love to be able to grow outside. My wife gets all bent out of shape just having the little one in the window sill. She smokes, but is very cautious about who knows because she was raised in the Bible Belt…people raised there know, lol. I cannot wait for full legalization I’ll have them mixed in with my garden. My first real growing season and all of my plants are really rocking.I’ve got peppers tomatoes watermelon and okra. I couldn’t feed more than one family, but next year will kick ass. And my wife thought I couldn’t do it. I did need her help though, couldn’t have done shit without her. :sunglasses:

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Nice that makes more sence then 5 weeks left lol being as it’s an auto I have found it alot harder to get big yeilds on the autos more of a number game lots of plants to get lots of yeild I would highly suggest for your first photo to be a white widow they are very easy to grow very strong against molds get a very decent yeild on them and very potent my last white widow got tested at 23% thc and averaged about 5 oz a plant in the tent and. Ery pretty looking plant had alot of purple by the end olthought I did drop the heat on the last 2 weeks to get the colours

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I’m having trouble getting the heat below 80 during the day. It’s hot here and the room they are in gets hit directly by the sun all day. My tent is to small for a cooler so I am using a “swamp cooler” method utilizing water and a rag over the air intake.

Lol prob sound dumb but not sure how hot 80 is lol I no I try to keep my tent at 22 c to 25 c they actually love the heat and I actually have the opposite lol I have to heat even in the summer cus my wife is going through menopause and keeps the ac at 18 c lol and the swamp way is not a bad thing cus your adding moisture to the tent and that’s good I keep my tent between 40 and 45% humidity and the color thing dosent change how good it is it is just a a reaction bfrom the plant when the temp changes by more then 10 degrees from day to night lol I just like seeing it lol

lol, yeah us in the States really dropped the ball with the whole Celsius and Fahrenheit and pretty much any unit of measurement thing. 80F is about 26C. My humidity ranges from 38% - 48% depending on if I forget to fill the water bucket.

That’s not all that bad if you can get your humidity to stay over 40 I realy can’t see 80 being a problem for it I mean we had a lot of days this sumer over 30 c and my plants never gave eny sighns of unhappiness I usually just spray them down with water out of a squirt bottle in the morning before sun comes up and after it goes down just to keep the leaves from burning but they realy are a tropical plant and love the hot weather

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First girl is 5 weeks and 3 days. I am keeping her in the tent now, so she is cramped, but there seems to be enough room and she is really responding to the light.

The other two are still cruising along, one seems to be a little runt so hopefully she catches up.

That’s about all. I am trying to get a bigger tent, but the wife is still on the fence as we don’t have much room. If this grow is a success I can probably get her on board to add just a few more inches.

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Nice ya they love this full spectrum lights they are looking realy good and you want to see a runt this next pic was saposed to be a blueberry x big bud lmao just never grew lol did 3 at one time 2 of them turned out good this one was def a runt lmao

That pic was fully budded lol

Oh wow, hopefully mine catches up lol. They all got fed today and seem in good spirits.

Ya they def look happy I am now wishing I had your heat problem lol it got down to 2 degrees celsius last night had to hide 3 of my plants on my sun room and the big one lucky for me wasent effected by the frost


The third on not so happy had to move it into my tent

That sucks man. My girls are all perky today after eating yesterday. Found a couple of rough leaves on the oldest but I think that is because she is crowded. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas right now.


Well that’s sweet hope you have a ausom x mas

Me too, with the small buttons she has already she is looking good.

Her small pot is keeping her small but these little buttons are really bright and pretty. Excited to see how big they actually get.


Def looking good and healthy I can’t see it not being a nice yeild

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Pulled them out to do a little bit of training on the younger ones. The oldest is now 6 weeks and the youngest are 3 weeks. The oldest is covered in buds that I can only assume will get a lot bigger. The main seems nice and dense. I found one small black dot on one bud that looked like a bug, but I could not tell.

Need to invest in a magnifying glass or something to be able to get a better look.

Baby 1

Baby 2

Baby 3 (The Runt)


Looking good and and garentted they get alot bigger keep feeding the budding nuts to her I am not having such a good time weather is not being cooperative lol went down to 1 c last night going down to minus 1 c tomorrow and Friday had to drag my girls into the garage