First week of flowering

My white widow extreme have entered their first week of flowering and they look good!
The tallest plant is 7" already. I know the space is cramped but the results of them to this point are sensational. If there is anything I need to do or change other than the small space which I can not change at this point please fill free to leave a response.

Here’s a pic of them in the first week of flowering

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How long did they veg for? I’m curious, why did you begin to flower them already?

They were only in Veg for two weeks only because of the size of my grow cabinet. I have only 3 and a half feet of vertical growth with 10 plants. They were a mere 4" at the end of vegetation. They’ve definitely doubled in in size already in their second week of flowering. Plus they are white widow strain so the characteristics such as short and bushy actually suit my needs.

…often my sea-of-green plants would finish at 3 feet or less, they look great rocky!

You might want to put a scrog screen in there , train them thru the scrog and trim everything beneath to keep air moving , but over all you doing an awesome job , but it’s gone get real crowded really fast .