First week in Flowering and No results? SandMan needs help!

Hey ILGM family!

It’s been one week since I transitioned my plants from veg to flower and I’m not seeing any changes!

Is this normal? Can you think of anything that I may need to look into?


It can take a couple of weeks to transition, depending on the strain and maturity of the plant. You could back your light schedule down to 10/14 and see if that gets things started.

I would also look to make sure there are no light leaks which could prevent flowering. Is there a piece of equipment in the grow space with a light or display on it, for example.


There starting to flower… I can see it in the pics… :wink:



I cannot thank you enough for all of your tips along my journey. You are such a wealth of knowledge. Thank you

I agree with peachfuzz sure looks like she’s starting to bloom show a close up of a top @sand_man

You’ll be a happy camper soon my friend.


Pretty sure I see a lone pistil on the near center right top node bet on female!

Peach fuzz, first week of flower, are my leaves supposed to taco like this?

Your all good… it’s looking happy with tips pointing up

Temps might be a little high or possibly the light is a little too close… looks like your using an LED light… some of those LEDs are pretty powerful… :wink:


Guys I’m starting to get concerned…it’s the start of Week 2 and still no sign of buds…

image image

Yes you’re right, these are feminized seeds from ILGM, but still no sign of buds in the start of week 2…

I think if you look closely you’ll see some pistils. I zoomed into your first posted pic & thought I saw a pistil or 2.

They are in flower mode… make sure that timers are on schedule and you should be good to go… :wink:
Always double check your timers to make sure that there on time and haven’t malfunctioned…
I only use digital timers for my lights and extraction fan for my lights because they will never skip a beat , even if the power goes out… :wink: