First week after germination

I just germinated 12 seeds from ILGM 1/2 autos and 1/2 regular. I put them in 1 gallon pots with ff soil with the intention of putting them outside around memorial day. I bought a 600 watt KINGLED light. My question is what height should I hang my light at for the first few days? The company recommended 48" for an acclimation period of 3-7 days I was just wondering if that is correct.

In my case I have 23" from seedling to vegetation stage them I low 18"

@Cz notice this don’t mix regular seed with females seed in the same tent or area if you don’t want you females seed get seed on the bud

Thanks for the advice. They are all feminized.

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Sounds like you’re using the xl600… We’re both relatively at the same stage in the germination period and I have my xl600 at exactly 47 inches high. It’s advertised as the light emits 0 heat but it does indeed emit heat as indicated in by the temp increase which can stress out a seedlings early on so definitely keep your light @ 47-48 inches. The heat from the light is the top concern regarding light height.