First weed plant I ever planted and it was TWIN!

This is my first EVER weed plant. She’s an Afghan auto flower. I planted one seed and I got twins! I know for sure it was one seed bc I even dug up some dirt just to prove to myself it really was only one after hearing everyone else talk about how rare it was and that I probably made a mistake and planted 2 seeds. Anyway, I did some research and decided to just leave it be and see what happens. Either one or both would die off or one would take over and stunt the other. Well, the dominant side took over but look how cute her tiny, little sister is!!! She even has tiny little buds all over. She’s not really growing any bigger but she’s sure hanging on! It’s going to be a very small plant and harvest but watching her grow has been pretty cool. Yes, call me crazy, I know I am, but I name my weed plants. They are all named after songs or musicians. This one is named “Marie Laveau.” If you are familiar with the song or the name then you know who she is. She’s got 2 sides and if you piss her off, you’ll be “another man done gone!!!” I know, I’m showing my age and these young kids probably have no idea what I’m talking about and think I’m talking out my ass. But if you’re old enough to know who she is then you get the humor!!

I took it as a great omen that my very first plant ever was a twin and when I harvest her sisters in a couple of weeks the good luck she brought will be both evident and abundant!!! I heard it said before that you can’t go wrong with Afghan……

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