First try of any grow

Started this little WW auto flower in early June. I’ve never grown before, never grown anything hydroponically, or indoors. I haven’t tested ph or ppm or anything once since starting. Just been winging it.
Sprout June 8

8 days after sprout

18 days in

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Got really lazy about saving pictures. Had to remove the cheesy little extendable light pole from the hydro grow kit from Amazon and added a hanging led. Added two air stones And a pump, because why not and the cheesy little pump wasn’t doing much for water movement. Also stuck a clip on fan in the bottom of the tent facing up to add some more circulation.
Most recent pics are beginning of this week (7.5) weeks in. I had been running about 18 hours of light, but if I recall I’m about 2-3 weeks into flower, so figured I’d back the light down to 12 hours and just see what happens


Honestly if this plant produces any usable bud here in the next couple of weeks it will be a miracle. I’m sure experienced growers can pick out a million things I’ve done wrong. I’ve only used tap water, up until last week used the nutrients that came with the grow kit, but recently ran out. I topped the plant about time it started to flower 3 weeks ago ish. Wish I would have done that sooner. Pruned the bottom of the plant up, again probably could have done more. This has been a fun science project for me. Please roast or give tips for better success



But … look how mich you learned by trying!!

Next grow will be much better


Welcome aboard!!! It’s an auto. Leave it on 18/6. And there’s plenty of time for her to get fat, ripe buds at harvest. It’s hard to get your bearings at first, but you find that groove and become more and more comfortable. But every grow is still trial and error lol. Your WW looks great!


Yea at this point I’m just hoping these buds fatten up and fill out to give me something usable here. It’s been a fun learning experience considering how little I really did

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Plants looking a little sad this morning. Of course I have no idea what it is since I don’t test or know any data other than the nutrients and water that goes in :man_facepalming:

Hydroponic growing is highly technical and has to be monitored for temp, PH and TDS. Without knowing those things you will more than likely end up with sub-optimal results.

Do you know the actual wattage draw of your lights? With autos and underpowered light you may want to go back to an 18 hour day. This will help with flower density.

Plant looks hungry but could easily be a lockout (not knowing your PH it’s impossible to tell).

Light is a vivosun vs1000, ordered a ph meter so I’ll have an idea of what I’ve got for ph tomorrow.

Does that now give you 2 Vivosun VS1000s? They are 100W input each. If it’s just one lights, set it slightly lower than recomended.

I like having multiple lights. Can set the light for the short plants at one height and the tall one at another height. Of course you could raise one up with something under it too

Nope, just one vs1000

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More of the leaves looking sad today. Reservoir was basically empty and root ball looked dry. Added two liters of plain tap water ph at 8.3

well I am pretty sure that caused your issue…shame on you

Haha yea I suppose that didn’t help :man_facepalming: It wasn’t completely dry, but it was definitely water low. This little herb garden thing is NOT sufficient for flowering plant


one of my girls will easily drink a gallon a day during flower…

Uploading: 7CBCEDA0-944E-49E8-8477-EFE38F6273FF.jpeg…

Thanks for the info! I’d say I’ve been putting in average of 2L a day so far. This little reservoir only holds 5L, so basically requires daily watering

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yes you will need to stay on top of it each day or else she will not produce as best she can for you…and you did not wait long enough before hit save as image did not load


We’ll just PH’d the water in the reservoir that I added earlier, PH was 7.9-8

No idea if I’m feeding this thing too much or too little.

Used a gallon of distilled water instead of tap water for a change. Still getting some leaves that are curling back, and the buds are still super small. PH’d the water in the reservoir at 8.3 today.