First try ,new to indoor growing in planning stage and finalizing seed order

Welcome to ILGM forum. I’ve only bought from ILGM seed bank so I can’t help you on that. I have also have had seeds replaced by ILGM. They have excellent customer service. Just to let you know you are not breaking any forum rules by discussing other seed banks. Just don’t post any links to seed companies or other commercial websites except Amazon and a couple others that I can’t remember. I’m sure I’ve seen people post about seedsman before. You may want to go to beginner’s topic and post question as new topic. Good luck hopefully someone can help out.

@Pickle you could email customer service, but most seed banks do not offer any warranty on seeds, and are for “souvenir purpose only”

@Pickle is seedsman the breeder because they sell seeds from many breeders. If not you could try to contact the breeder directly.

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Thank you for your response. No seeds men was not the breeder for these or this particular seed but I was not able to find a way to contact the breeder.

Update though. When I finally figured out a way to get a message to seedsman, they finally did respond and agreed to send me some new seeds. I believe what they are sending me is the white widow. I sure hope these sprout because my amnesia still has not sprouted at all not even close. Happy growing! Kathy

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Glad to hear you got it settled. I just purchased a 162 seeds from garden of green. They are a breeder who sells on seedsman so I hope mine sprout. Will be germinating in 2 weeks. White widow is a great strain very resilient to disease and mold excellent choice.

Thank you so much for that. I am looking forward to growing them and with much gratitude with the help of you guys. As I may have mentioned this is the first time I am growing so I am pretty much in the dark. I’m going to be reading on your site the do’s and don’ts but in case I don’t find any recommendations for grow lights, would you mind telling me what you would recommend? I will only be growing a few plants. But I do want to grow some gold leaf from you guys with one of the grow kits but they are all out of stock. I will keep an eye open for when they are back in stock.

Thank you so much scorpion for all of your great advice. Kathy

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With lighting it all comes down to a couple questions. What size space and how many plants. And what is your lighting budget. @Pickle

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Just an update on my progress it’s now October and I am on my way to my third harvest of the season. Not a bad first year.


Currently I have 3 plants in flower a super skunk auto, sweetberry cough auto , and a white widow auto. I also have six autos they are gsc, critical , superskunk and sweetberry cough. I plan to run them on 12 hour schedule and just swap plants in the tent every 12 hours. I also have two photos they are super skunk kush that I plan to grow in my other tent. Might be genius or insanity there’s a fine line. But I do have a question how much calmag does a super skunk need mine is still pale green and I have been hitting it pretty hard so I don’t understand.

![IMAG0113|375x500] (upload://rdBuB4qefLDHVV6gBQq4Ra2p1C3.jpeg)


Green and gorgeous,
lookin good Gromie :v:

Pure Genius!

Oh yeah in between my recent posts and my old posts I grew another batch.


Dialed in brother! Very nice work!

Good looking stuff man!
You went from new to growing to having your own garden pretty quick. Lol that is awesome!