First try at SCROG

Agreed, separate screens are easier to mess with if you’re growing multiple plants. Even if you start them at the same time and have the same nutrients etc… one can mature faster than the other. I am about to harvest my first scrog soon possibly next week depending on how fast my trichomes turn but I do have one that is slightly more ready than the other even though they are the same strain. I think you can get away with one plant in a 2x4 honestly. I have a 3x3 and could have easily done just one.



This is the first week of flower for my girls think they are looking pretty good, for the first time doing this. It is only my second grow, the first grow was good but not flushed long enough just a little harsh but killer potency


This is week 2 of flower wow there is a lot of bud sites IMG_20190910_161930|666x500

Nice! Love the idea.

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What is recommended cure time for my Blueberry’s from ILGM. I think they turned out good harvested 12 oz. good bud and about 4 oz. I call them butter buds. Thanks everyone.