First try at gummie Edibles

My wife isn’t fond of smoking and wants gummies. I’m in the process of my first harvest and figured I’d make some for her. I’ve seen a zillion videos on the subject but they don’t really give a good idea of how much weed to use to make the tinture. I’m also trying my hand at dry ice hash and maybe throw some of that in there too. I don’t want to knock her out though. Any recommendations of pot amounts? I’d use a 3oz pack of jello with 3 packers unflavored.

That’s tough cause everyone has different tolerances. If you make hash and press it, then you have a mg weight to divide by the number of gummies you plan to make. If you have access to dispensary gummies or other, you can find the mg dose that is right for her. Otherwise, afraid it’s a guessing game. Also, tip for gummies, use a tablespoon of glycerin in the jello.

Mmmmmmmm jello…

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I have someone like that, she doesn’t want to smoke so I make her butter and she makes cookies. If you are serious about making tinctures, oil, butter and all that I would suggest either a magical butter machine or a similar product. You can do it without a specific machine, but it just helps. I believe there are molds that you can buy that are measured out to make it easier to dose.

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The molds don’t have anything to do with dosing. It’s how much THC you use when making the honey or budder. In my case for chocolate or gummies, hash.

It takes 625 mg hash to make 25 gummies, etc at a low dose of 25 mg each.

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Here is some info that help me figure out my dosage.

The molds have everything to do with dosing. Size matters. An 8ml gummie is going to be more potent then a 4ml gummie if you fill both from the same batch. The mold size plays a factor.:v::+1:

I dont know what the cannabis you grew tested at. Typically they give you a baseline of the max amount of thc that particular strain has. So if its a 15% strain each gram will have 150mg of thc. so if you used a cup of everclear grain alcohol and put 3.5 grams of your grow it will contain 525 mg of thc. you make 100 gummies each gummy would contain 52.50 mg of thc. and from personal use 50 mg is a really good dose.