?first try at cloning they look like Males?

Personally I’m not a pro but in my opinion I’d start anew with seeds

You can get that to revert back to veg by blasting 24 hour light for 2 weeks. Most people give new clone cuttings at least 18h of light.


I thought this but didn’t wanna give wrong advice


Out of curiosity what made you choose to give them 15h of light?

Thank-you for the advice I’ll try 24hr’ see how that goes but will start some new seeds also?
I did 15hrs for last seedlings and I think it worked quite well getting into mid veg stage within 5-6 weeks and seemed healthier.

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They do look male, can you get a clearer shot?

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Yep sure, I’ll grab some in the morning, I think they’re male also, hopefully not.

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If the mother is female, how the hell can you get male clones?

Maybe hermies, but clones are the same exact genetics as the mother!

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Yeah that works with seeds because they won’t start flowering until they are sexually mature, but with sexually mature plants/clones minimum light cycle is 16/8 to keep in veg.

Do the 24/0 and they will go back to veg.

They do look male, what made you think the mother was a female if it’s still in veg?

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Here are some better photos
The mother I didn’t know really but they’re currently flowering well?

2 pics dont show.

One is def female

The other i think I see pistils and balls

Id probably try to grow these a bit more to get the experience, then germ new better known seeds in a couple weeks to put that knowledge to better use. No reason to be playing with iffy genetics and possible herms when u got some decent stock.