First true leaves turned yellow

So I have germinated 6 seeds, 3 strawberry cough and 3 blue cheese. I started them in germination pods. On the 8th day of the process when I was transplanting the to pots I noticed that the first true leaves on 2 of my coughs are yellow. Now all of my other plants look great but these 2 have me concerned, what could I have done wrong?

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Ok soon as I get home I will, at work right now

My complete setup also my p.h is around 6.5 -6.8 I have watered them once since they been in the pots but the yellowing started before I transd them

Ok got pics up

What’s the medium? Coco or soil?

Soil and after reading some of the threads I realized my humidity was very low and I needed to get my lights closer. They seem to be doing better. Already have new leaves coming in and they are Green!

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Refer to google images “cannabis VPD chart”

PH your water to 6.5 allow to sit out for 24hr before you give it to the plant to help off gas chlorine and get room temp.

If you need help with lights post your lights and your plants and I can Help you.
The most important measurement while in veg is watching the internode spacing it should be about 1inch no more. But not super tight or you’ll get a bush not a plant.

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So its been a couple of weeks im now week 3 day 5, had to raise light up 30" to see if I can get the girls to start stretching out a bit. But I think I’m doing better than when I started a few weeks ago. Anyways posting pics so any input is welcomed :relieved:

Hey fellow cannoisseur so I’m back again with more info on my grow, I’m going to post p ics of my setup and soil. As always any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

So this is my setup I’m week 3 day 6 now, my goal is to transplant the girls this Friday into 3 gal smart pots(too soon?) Also I will stop feeding for a week once I transplant them, for I will be using m3 super soil. Good plan or no. Oh and Happy Thanksgiving to all stay safe stay healthy stay Medicated

Oh and the root organics is what I have the girls in now… final thought ha :grin:

So I’m posting some more pics and to tell the truth I think the girls are doing quite well. I will say though I researched for months and preped just as long. So I’d say my ocd has payed off for once… so far anyways lol

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what happened to my plants