First trip to the dispensary today. Any advice?


Going to newly opened dispensary. I am open to all ideas. Smoke, edibles, dap(if thats what is called) I’m old school so don’t know about all these new fangled smoking devices. Oh and thinking about getting one of those vape cartridges. Ok hit me with any ideas Please and Thank You.


Be prepared to die from the prices. It’s definetly not a non for profit business lol


Most have an online menu you can check ahead of time to see what they have in stock. May be worth taking a peek so you can walk I’m educated on pricing and what they have. We just came back from recreational legal state and made two trips to dispensary. If you’re unfamiliar with vape cartridges I would tread lightly. I took one pull off of a lemoncello vape and tore my world up for a solid 5-6 hours lol. The right one will go a long way.


get lots of freebies for opening day


Couldn’t find anything online. But I am looking for strong and lasting. I have neck and back issues and need the strong stuff. Some days I fight back the tears. Anymore its hard to find something that will get me high. I have been smoking since I was 12 and 52 now I think, LOL… So you say lemoncello is it?


Yikes, I’m on a budget. Need some goodies to tie me over until Lazarus is ready to harvest. Maybe in a couple of weeks.


Ya it was lemoncello and if I remember company was swb. I don’t have that kind of tolerance, but I’m willing to bet the others I was with are similar, and I’m pretty sure it did them in too.


Pretty sure this was the stuff


In California people I know were letting their bud get to old to harvest sucking on one of those carriages


I don’t doubt that for a minute! I had a hard time gathering my thoughts, let alone doing anything else lol.


Well the trip wasn’t as I expected but they had cherry diesel, trainwreck, bubba kush, fruity pebbles and one other. A hand full of seeds and clones. I got some bud and went home. 2grams 40.00…


Ouch :face_vomiting::face_vomiting:. I couldn’t bring myself to pay that.


Hey I was desperate. And boy did it look tiny up on that scale.


Here are streetprices same.
But first dispen. visit i just ask, please strongest stuff in my stiff.